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Video: Health Care for All Oregon Salem Rally 2.4.13

Around 1,0000 attend the Health Care All Oregon Salem Rally Monday 2.4.13 in Salem Oregon.

A rally with speeches, music, and Health Justice Networking Rally for HCAO.

This was filmed on the State Capital steps, the event started around 10 am:

 http://youtu.be/75M2g6iEYZ8 [full video 1hr. 25 min.]

(also) the same full video is available for downloading here:
 link to archive.org

(also) the arrival & drumming on the Capital Steps video is available here:
 http://youtu.be/4I_5dBFAlNM [video is 9min.]

Many of the rally's participants came dressed in red [some as Supreme Court justices with umbrellas]
Many participants were waving signs that read "We want health care not wealth care" and "Everybody In. Nobody Out."
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