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SOA Watch April Lobby Days in Washington DC

Let your friends, community and networks know about the April 8-10 Days of Action.

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From April 8-10, 2013, the School of the Americas Watch movement will return to DC to take the message that "We are One America" to the lawmakers and politicians in the halls of power. In November, 2012, thousands of us marched to the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia,


where the killers are trained. We sent letters to Congress and even took our demands to the White House, where we met with Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough. Our voices echoed the millions of people in the Americas who are creating change, and those from the six countries who have pulled out of the SOA/WHINSEC - Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Those who continue oppressive policies - like the operation of the SOA/WHINSEC - will not change unless we make our voices heard at their front doors! Come to Washington, DC, from April 8-10, 2013, to let the White House, Congress and the military brass know that we won't stop!

Set up a meeting with your Member of Congress!

We are encouraging SOA Watch activists to start planning your trip today to Washington, and to set up meetings with your members of Congress today. This includes both House and Senate!

Leading up to April, it's important for us to continue contacting our representatives with information about the SOA/WHINSEC. You can order SOA Watch Advocacy postcards and get your community to send them in!

Check back for more information soon!

Read more information from SOA Watch's April 2012 activities in DC!