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Anyone With a Non-Terminal Treable Medical Condition
Can be Put to Death, and Probably Are,
With Immunity!
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Now that you have watched the VIDEO you should be further aware of this article which is related.


California's Medical Industrys "House of Death"
Bruns House Hospice, Alamo, California

California's house of death, otherwise known as Bruns House, is where a lady
named Glenda was put to death within hours of her arrival, thinking she was
in a nursing facility. Two weeks after Glenda was sent to the wrong medical
facility by employees of the John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, California,
she was railroaded into the house of death by the coordinated actions of a
close-knit group of doctors and management personnel at several medical
facilities. This is your introduction to another ugly side to the corruption
and arrogance in pockets of California's medical industry. Full details at
www.defraudingamerica.com/glenda.html, and its links.

Glenda, temporarily at John Muir Hospital for a shortness of breath
caused by a fungus infection in the lungs.


Hospital transfer of Glenda to the wrong medical facility, lacking the
pulmonary rehabilitation treatment ordered by hospital doctors and lacking a
COPD pulmonary specialist January 14, 2012. It was then necessary to engage
in a series of corrupt medical acts to conceal their fraudulent admission of
Glenda for treatment they did not have.


Series of doctors and medical personnel engaged in fraudulent acts to
railroad Glenda, with a treatable medical condition, to the "house of
death." She arrived the afternoon of January 31, 2012, thinking she was in a
nursing home where she would receive care. All afternoon she greeted
visitors, made phone calls, and read books on her Kindle, unaware of what
was about to be done to her.


Hours after the last visitors left, it happened. Glenda suddenly became
comatose from an apparent
opiate overdoses. Her medication at that time were under the "care" of an
India-trained doctor employed by
Hospice of the East Bay and the Bruns House "house of death," who had
earlier deceived Glenda into abandoning the treatment ordered by hospital
doctors and instead opt for palliative-hospice care.


Glenda died that evening, the day after arrival at the "house of death,"
from an obvious opiate overdose: a medical homicide!


Apparent suicide of a son in Big Lake, Minnesota, upon hearing of the
death of his mother. An earlier picture as he flew with his pilot-licensed


Grotesque Medical Brutality Upon a Vulnerable Lady-
Approved by California and Federal Personnel!

For a detailed and photographed example of conniving groups of medical
personnel in California's medical industry, how they preyed on two seniors,
that ended the life of this great lady, and the cover-ups, go and understand
the information at www.defraudingamerica.com/glenda.

When presented later with volumes of evidence, California and federal
medical and criminal bureaucrats, politicians, and others in the medical
industry protected the guilty, embarking on America's practice of cover-up.
Similar to the decades of cover-ups of the sexual crimes by Catholic priests
and other American forms of corruption! American public remained
unconcerned, as usual!


Bruns House: the Deceptive Peaceful Setting
For the "House of Death!"

Peaceful setting for occasional deadly acts

Bruns House hospice is a small house with six beds in a residential area of
Alamo, California. People go there to die when they have two doctors
certifying that they have a terminal medical condition. Two doctors must
certify that the person is expected to die within six months, to be
admitted. It is a division of Hospice of the East Bay in Pleasant Hill,

Based upon available information for 2010, Bruns House had received 320
terminally-ill patients in 2010. That comes to 53 patients for each bed.
That figures to a replacement patient once a week for each bed. Since there
is a delay between removal of a body and preparing the room for another
patient, the deaths would be averaging one every five days-for patients who
had doctors' prognosis of six months or less to live.

If even half of those died as Glenda did, from an apparent opiate overdose,
the facility may be the world's deadliest medical facility, and perpetrated
with blatant cover-ups by California's medical oversight personnel, and
politicians. The truth will never be known, based upon the culture of
cover-up by California's medical and other bureaucrats and politicians and
the nation's culture of cover-ups and indifference.


Anyone With a Non-Terminal Treable Medical Condition
Can be Put to Death, and Probably Are,
With Immunity!

Glenda was not a terminal end-of-life patient when she arrived at the house
of death. She was railroaded there after John Muir Hospital personnel sent
Glenda, a COPD patient, to the wrong medical facility, and that medical
facility, Manor Care skilled nursing facility, Rossmoor Parkway, Walnut
Creek, accepted her. They lacked the pulmonary rehabilitation treatment
ordered by doctors and lacked the pulmonary doctors necessary to treat COPD
patients. Days earlier, Manor Care admissions director stated they lacked
these requirements and would not accept her. But apparently to continue an
uninterrupted flow of patients from their primary source, Manor Care
accepted the transfer from John Muir Hospital.

Having fraudulently accepted Glenda, they now had to get rid of her. And
through fraud, deception, lies, they transferred Glenda to the house of
death, where she was converted overnight from a smiling and active patient,
to one comatose, and hours later, death.

With the large number of people sent to the house of death every year, it is
probable that some of the patients do have a short time to live, and for
them, and their families, a commendable service is provided. This, however,
does not remove the crime of medical homicides of non-terminal patients, or
even shortening the lives of terminal patients who would have lived longer
without being put to death by opiate overdose. Although Hospice of the East
Bay and its Bruns House are not-for-profit organization 501(c)(3)
organizations, (Federal Tax Identification Number 94-2515405), they provide
a comfortable salary for their management and other compensated personnel.

Other Hospice Facilities of the Hospice of the East Bay

Hospice of the East Bay provides hospice services to patients in their
homes, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, beside the free-standing
hospice facility called Bruns House. Numerous people have told me of cases
where Hospice of the East Bay personnel forced opiates on their loved ones,
which the loved ones did not want. The reason for this practice is unknown.

Hospice of the East Bay states that between 2004 and 2011 they treated
approximately 14,500 patients, which comes to about 1250 patients a year.
Since they are paid for this service, it becomes a sizeable financial
operation that pays generous salaries for numerous personnel.

Of the various anecdotal statements made to me about the pressure by Hospice
of the East Bay to give opiates to patients that do not want or need them,
is the following example stated to me in January 2013:

During a conversation with ???????????, as she described her experience
with Hospice of the East Bay while her father was receiving hospice care at
home, she described one night while a hospice nurse from Hospice of the East
Bay was in another room with her father, she heard her father calling for
her to quickly come here. The nurse was trying to give him an opiate shot
that he did not need and did not want. She then told the nurse to leave,
without the opiate injection being given.

There is a place for hospice, and for some terminally-ill patients and their
families, it is a fabulous relief. But that does not justify medical abuse,
medical fraud, or medical homicide, for any reason, especially in Glenda's


Deliberate Deaths of People in a Medical Facility
Are not Unknown.

a.. www.harp.org/humbach.htm.

b.. www.defraudingamerica.com/medical_homicides.


Any Act Hastening Death is a Criminal Act,
Rarely Punished

A well-researched and appropriate treatise on the criminal statutes and
criminal case law relating to medical acts that are criminal was written by
John A. Humbach, J.D. summa cum laude, Ohio State University (1966).[1] His
article can be found at  http://www.harp.org/humbach.htm. Also at


Power of the Medical Industry
Silences Oversight Bureaucrats

The medical industry that protect perpetrators like those that brutalized
Glenda, includes powerful groups that are capable of keeping corrupt acts
from the public, and silences the easily-cowed bureaucrats and media
personnel. Their financial and political clout is enormous. The huge number
of yearly deaths from medical errors, pressure ulcers, etc., is an example
of no material action taken. A classic example of this is the silence of the
corruption that so tragically affected Glenda and one of her sons. Never
before has so much evidence been made available by a loved one into a
literal mob-like series of medical outrages, and then covered up by every
imaginable group. It is almost like the thousands of sexual crimes by
Catholic priests that were known and covered up by law enforcement
personnel, media people, and others in the religious sector.


Complaint or Appeal Process in Medical Industry
Are Rigged to Protect the Guilty

While there are avenues for filing reports, claims, or appeals, in
California and most states, the person filing the reports never gets to see
the response file by the person or groups against whom the report is made.
Any type of lies that are sent, that could be easily exposed, are never
known to the complaining person. Further, the claim is often turned over to
a person that is a member of the same group or person that the claim is


One Last Battle for Granddaddy of
High Stakes Whistleblowers!

Glenda's domestic partner and caregiver for the last 18 years of her life,
and his coalition of other former government agents and insiders, has been
battling hardcore corruption and cover-ups for many decades-the enablers of
America's great tragedies for decades. Now, near the end of his life, he
again became a victim, as he lost the greatest love of his life. Again, he
faces the standard American culture of cover-up! And hardly no one cares
about what was done to Glenda!


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