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Game Over

"Meanwhile, the government continues to assure us that happy days are here again for the U.S. economy and that we don't have anything to worry about."
The Economic Collapse
 link to theeconomiccollapseblog.com

Big storm in New England. Doom, in general. Screwed again, as usual. This time it gets ugly.

Expect FUD.

We Can't Afford Saturday Mail Delivery Nomore! Just More WAR! 08.Feb.2013 20:22


Why we can't 'afford' Saturday mail delivery: More Marines to Japan; Vietnam, Cambodia next 05 Feb 2013 The Marine Corps' shift to the Pacific will ramp up considerably this year, with more personnel and aircraft rotating to Japan and other destinations throughout the region. As of late January, there are two infantry battalions rotating through Okinawa for six months at a time, with a third scheduled to start this summer. The Corps also intends to send a contingent of electronic warfare aircraft to its air station in mainland Japan, and a group of explosives experts will undertake a humanitarian mission in Vietnam. Future engagement with Cambodia is on the horizon, too.