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Affidavit indicates FBI targeted anarchists for being anarchists

The newest document released in the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury case reveals the federal government's criminalization of anarchists. On January 30, a redacted affidavit was unsealed by order of Judge Richard Jones. The affidavit can be found at:  http://nopoliticalrepression.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/redacted-warrant.pdf
Throughout the document Geoffrey Maron, an FBI Special Agent assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, repeatedly refers to individuals under investigation as being "known anarchists," as if the ideology alone is evidence of a crime. Maron admits that "many anarchists are law-abiding," but continuously points to the "Oregon Conspirators" as being known as part of the anarchist community. Similarly, Maron notes that some of the Portland police had seen many of those individuals at squats in Portland as if that had any relevance to the investigation other than that it might corroborate that the targeted individuals are, in fact, anarchists.

Likewise, in justifying a preemptive investigation of the May Day protests, Maron points to an article appearing in the anarchist magazine Tides of Flame, quoting that writers there "urge everyone there to skip out on school and work to take to the streets." This passage indicates that, not only was the FBI monitoring the anarchist press in advance of the May Day protest, but the quote suggests that it was precisely the possibility of a popular mobilization under the anarchist banner that prompted law enforcement attention. Elsewhere, Maron also indicates that Portland-based anarchists were personally under surveillance before the may Day protests, and were followed by FBI agents when they left the city.

Furthermore, according to Maron's statement, law enforcement used information gleaned from electronic records to identify "associates and conspirators" of the anarchists under investigation. By referring to "associates" (in addition to "conspirators"), Maron as much as admits that the FBI is casting its net over the entire anarchist movement, not narrowly investigating specific illegal acts.

The text of this affidavit further strengthens the argument that the FBI is targeting anarchists for being anarchists, not for any alleged crimes.

At present, three people are in jail for refusing to collaborate with the FBI/grand jury witch hunt. The Committee Against Political Repression urges everyone to support Matt Duran, Kteeo Olejnik, and Maddy Pfeiffer, and to demand that U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan end the investigation immediately.


Detainees in anarchist investigation released 01.Mar.2013 00:23

reported 2/28/13

 link to www.latimes.com

Detainees in anarchist investigation released
Matthew Duran and Katherine Olejnik are freed after months of detention in Washington state. Officials had hoped to pressure them to testify about vandalism by suspected anarchists.

By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times
February 28, 2013, 5:19 p.m.
SEATTLE Two activists jailed for refusing to cooperate in a federal grand jury investigation of anarchists in the Pacific Northwest were released from prison Thursday after a judge ruled there was little chance they would change their minds.

The detainees, Matthew Duran and Katherine Olejnik, were freed from a detention center south of here where they had been held for more than five months, mostly in solitary confinement. Officials had hoped to pressure them to testify about suspected anarchists believed to have vandalized a federal appeals courthouse in Seattle during May Day demonstrations last year. [...] [more]


Anarchists-- committed to liberty, equality, and justice for all 07.Feb.2013 20:10


So the very people being vilified and spied-on are the idealists who want everyone's universal needs to be met, including liberty, equality, and justice for all, mutual care, creative self-rule, .... Love them, defend them, thank them, and join them.