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Can you imagine people trampling each other for food?

Get your heads out of the sand! Pay attention to this full article by Michael Snyder. Do Wall Street insiders expect something really big to happen very soon? [vkd]
Can you imagine people trampling each other for food? That is what is happening in Greece. Just check out this excerpt from a Reuters article...
Hundreds of people jostled for free vegetables handed out by farmers in a symbolic protest earlier on Wednesday, trampling one man and prompting an outcry over the growing desperation created by economic crisis.

Images of people struggling to seize bags of tomatoes and leeks thrown from a truck dominated television, triggering a bout of soul-searching over the new depths of poverty in the debt-laden country.
The suffering that the Greeks are experiencing right now will come to this country soon enough.

So enjoy this false bubble of debt-fueled prosperity while you can. It is going to end way too soon, and after that there will be a whole lot of pain.

Read Michael Snyders full article at source  link to www.sott.net

The Same Michael Snyder? 07.Feb.2013 11:14


Sounds like a big L, far right, libertarian loon:

"Michael Snyder | Liberty RoundTable
Michael T. Snyder is an attorney, a blogger, a Christian, a writer, a speaker and an activist. He is currently the publisher of The Economic Collapse blog."

And then you linked to sott aka Signs of the Times, an outlet of the Cassiopeia Cult. Maybe you didn't know. Here's some background:


"The Cassiopaean Cult has moved on to other things. Apparently, publicly talking to reptilians space aliens on a ouija board was not the best way in the world to scam money. The cult moved away from the overtly religious dogma of ouija board use to that of "alternative new source." Their new site Signs of the Times appears to be a news blog, but the news is selectively edited (way beyond what Fox News would do) to bolster their world view of fear, hate and racism. According to cast-out cult survivors, news items are editorialized by instructions given from the space aliens via new unpublished ouija board sessions that still continue to this day. Al Jazeera uses them as a news source, if you can believe that. The Cassiopean Cult is also the group behind the ridiculous Pentagon Strike video."


Fraud:  http://www.jayweidner.com/LauraKnightFraud.html

"The Laura Knight Jadczyk Fraud
or how I learned that channeling aliens via a ouija board and conning the new age can lead to a chateau in southern France, a serious weight problem and the apocalypse.
by Jay Weidner"

If Snyders is wise, he'll find a safer place to flog his tin foil economics.