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Criminals in high places

Look at how V.K. Durham revealed major malfeasance in the US government back in 2005 and nobody did anything. Why? Because they were all involved.
By: V.K. Durham

These new fangled 'laws'..are in CONFLICT with the ORIGINAL LAWS... This is not good! Not good at all! Especially when The U.S. House of Representatives sit on their rumps allowing Unconstitutional laws, Constitutionally Repugnant Laws designed to protect the CROOKS & CRIMINALS: LEAVING NO QUICK REMEDY OR DEFENSE AGAINST FRAUDS PERPETRATED AGAINST US?!

It is amazing how these alleged 'laws' keep giving more rights to the Crooks & Criminals while the VICTIMS have NO RIGHTS.

Recently while reading the latest publication of the GAIA-EKKER'S the statement was made: "We have loaned gold to the Federal Reserve" was discovered.

Here these individuals are sitting in the Philippines, running a Counterfeit U.S. Gold Debt Operation... which operates on a 'forged signature' of a DECEASED (MURDERED) INDIVIDUAL which was NOTARIZED FOUR YEARS AFTER DATE OF DEATH... and LOANING THE FEDERAL RESERVE "COUNTERFEIT U.S. GOLD DEBT INSTRUMENTS" to keep operating...?!

Greenspan knows better! He, GHW BUSH, J. BAKER III, BENTSEN, NORTH etals were my "murdered" husband's business partners and RUSSELL held the CONTRA BANK ACCOUNTS...for the CI-LTD. Greenspan & Company knew RUSSELL HERMAN was dead!

Greenspan also knows this 'usage' alleged by the GAIA-EKKER'S of the "Gold Collateral" alleged to have been signed by Russell Herman..CEO of Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85 which suffers CORPORATE IDENTITY THEFT, as the Corporation was incorporated by THE EKKER'S just prior to their flight to the Philippines and the Counterfeit U.S. Debt Operation... Which THE U.S. SECRET SERVICE refused to investigate the Violations of 18 U.S.C. Stat. 471. Counterfeiting of U.S. Bank Instruments.

My Goodness!, Gosh, Gee, Gracious & and GOOD GOSH GERTY WHAT A GASH IN
"CRIMINAL LAW" and especially.. 18 U.S.C.'S "RICO STATS!!!" This, if TRUE makes GREENSPAN & ACCOMPLICES an accomplice to the murder..before, during and after the fact....

Of course the CRIMINAL CODES do not apply to CORPORATE AMERICA such as FED CORP'S or UK CORPS.. or those who indulged in putting the verbiage in TIAS 12087 i.e., THE CONTRA MONEY & DRUG LAUNDERING ARM of the Federal Reserve, Bush, Baker, Bentsen, Kissinger, North and others involved in the BCCI & S&L MESS of Neal Bush and Charlie Keating.

According to Russell "Greenspan, Bush & North visited his in his hospital room at Marion Illinois VA Health Care, and were trying to get him to 'sign off on the documents.." just days prior to Russell's murder. Bye the way: I was not the only witness to this statement of Russell's.

While on the other hand; COMMANDER HATONN admits to be present as "Russell drew his dying breath and told then what he wanted them to do with his portion of BONUS CERTIFICATE 3392-181...."

 http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/WhoMurderedRussell.htm .

Hoooo Boy! Here we have 11 Grand Juries investigating the WHITE HOUSE... which, in all probability will find some way to wiggle out of all these CRIMINAL ACTS... I say they will "WIGGLE OUT" because PATRICK FITZGERALD is taking too long to make the statement "THE OLD BOYS ARE GUILTY AS SIN... They used and abused their Powers of Offices of Public Trust for PERSONAL GAIN and indulged in the most heinous Acts of Deception, Malfeasance, Moral and Legal Turpitudes, Misprision of Felonies, Stacking the Federal and State Legislatures making illegal acts "Legal".., and then there are the allegedly, reported current matters of Espionage, Sedition and Treason and influenced Acts of Congress to set forth and acknowledge Treaties international agreements other than treaties sections 12087 back in the years of 1984 through 1986 to give them immunity from all prosecution, which will be protected under the VIth Amendment's Sec. 2.

CRIMINALITIES are rampant.. It is believed you read TOM FLOCCO'S article at
 http://www.tomflocco.com/fs/FinancialTerrorism.htm ..

The CRIMINALS have turned the law around whereas they now have the 'right' to make the Citizens pay for THE ACTS OF CRIMINALS?! WOW! That would make the founding fathers turn over in their graves!

Your Constitution guarantees you YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY. When your Privacy is breached and sold off by those such as your Banks and the stores that require you to give out your phone number..even on Credit Card purchases... This allows your PRIVACY to be accessed without your knowledge. You are no longer the PRIZED CUSTOMER, you have become the VICTIM.

Back in the late 1970's and 1980's CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY'S were selling for $500.00 your good credit ratings and credit reports to individuals who assume your credit identity.

This was going on at TRW. The Shell Service Stations in Glendale Cal. were a few of the transaction points. $500.00 in cash got the individuals new credit cards and clean records. It did not matter how bad their credit ratings were or where these individuals were from.. $500.00 and TRW cleared the runway for the good credit ratings and names of unsuspecting individuals to be 'stolen' or 'hijacked'.. Now we have another Alpha-Bet Group...selling or trading our PRIVACY?

 http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=80259 and now this new BANKRUPTCY LAW which again DENIES the VICTIMS the RIGHTS "GUARANTEED BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW."

Somehow... I have a gut feeling PATRICK FITZGERALD is going to "take a dive." All the evidence is in place...for CONVICTIONS of these BUSTERS... But, my 'gut feeling'...is telling me its all show and no go... Just something else to make another UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW to protect the CROOKS AND CRIMINALS.


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Posted By: monk (RMN)