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The Occupy movement started in Cairo which is now Chaos.

The point of this post is to try and get some discussion going on how members of the Occupy movement celebrate the fact that the Occupy protest model started in Cairo and then spread around the world there is even a new documentary on this being made called take the square. Now there is lots of violence in Egypt the presidential palace was just attacked today. My question is do you think this will eventually spread here to? And if it does what will those in Occupy who are always crying peaceful protest say.

Be more inclined to contribute when... 01.Feb.2013 16:56


Indymedia deals with it's right wing infestation.

Until then such questions like OP I will be treating like "data mining" the left.


Doesn't one ask? 01.Feb.2013 17:29


Who is really behind the violence? Would you also blame Ghandi for the violence in India in his time?

With all the money and arms drenching the ME right now by the agenda of Europe and North America and their ME allies, didn't we see from Libya and now in Syria such a mess that only the power behind that money can really have any advantage from all of this? With the religious and empowered militant factions participating in their politics, what comprehensibility is available to any member of the common public here? Look at how both the left and the right here were hoodwinked in Libya, and now the right screams over the mischief in Bengazi while the left can only be silent in shamed embarassment. And might it be that the people in Egypt may have been pushed beyond endurance and reason, which could have happened here, and was the thought behind the general tolerance and eventual piecemeal evictions? Might the events here taken a differnt turn if the riot squads were mobilized within a week and people were killed?

I think this is a loaded post, maybe inadvertantly so.

Discuss it if it entertains you, but can you really have an informed discussion about something socially and intellectually so distant?

The Occupy Movement Failed In America,,, 01.Feb.2013 18:25

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Because they refused to confront the system with non-violent civil disobedient traffic blocking every day of their supposed protest, shutting down the economy which would have brought the oligarchs to the negotiating table over a reasonable set of demands like ending free trade and the creation of a clean energy economy. Instead they occupied parks claiming they had no demands crippling their political and decision process by having general assemblies that became infiltrated by libertarians and government agents make all the important decisions making themselves targets of ridicule.

occupy sustainably 01.Feb.2013 22:35


Is sustainable occupation is possible?

It will take time.

Does the population needs a reduction?
Reduction with out further ecological destruction.
Good luck with that. Are we like a dead man walking?

Birth control is the answer. Although very late in the game.
The city may die. The port and trade may have to go too.

The local land can sustain what size of population.
Perhaps this niche is gone. Gone with the fish
that once was mans support here.

Its unclear if there is enough agricultural land too.
And for who. So look what can we do.

We look back at the pass and see the old social models.
Slavery, feudalism, serfdom, and manor. We see the
southern Mediterranean land seeking its new normal.

Ours new normal seems to be coming too soon
and yet not soon enough. Is sustainability possible?