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Petition The Puppet? Ha! Get SIMPLE Score Voting!

The entire internet is filled with fraudulent "election methods" websites! Here's (approximately) how I explained simple score voting previously (it's additive; totally simple!):
[NOTE: Revised and updated]

Fortunately for me, I live in a county that has left behind the two-party lock-in of plurality voting. Because of our rallying and protests, I get to vote for whomever I want. Thanks to simple score voting, I can give as many candidates (up to 20, since we can't hog the election booths voting for everybody in the phone book) as I want between 1 to 10 votes. They each can get 10 of my votes (allocating 100% endorsement), or 9 (allocating 90% endorsement), or 8 (allocating 80% endorsement), and so on, of my vote. So there is absolutely no two-party lock-in. I know precisely how many of my votes I am potentially wasting because of the spoiler effect. Therefor I have a simple and practical available strategy to disrupt the two-party lock-in.

Based on degree of preference, I will give Cynthia McKinney 10 votes, and Ralph Nader 10 votes. And based on degree of preference combined with degree of perceived attainability, will give and Jesse Ventura 9 votes. Based on degree of rejection combined with degree of perceived attainability, I will give Barack Obama 8 votes. I don't want to give any votes, or advantage, to the hideous Mitt Romney, so I simply ignore his candidacy.

Unlike the majority of hapless Americans, strategic voting is available to me, and I intend to use it. I will not vote "sincerely" or "honestly" (that is, heroically and foolishly).

And NO! I will NOT put my pen and paper ballot into some infernal electronic machine! Politics combined with technological complexity always percolates into conventional political complexity. And political complexity always breeds total corruption.

I will not protest the Janus-face "parties!" I will protest the fraudulent elections themselves.

Until we get simple score voting, and machine-free vote casting and counting, the multitudes of modern era liberals will be somewhat foolish to waste their time and energy contemplating political issues. So of course all we will mostly hear will come from fake liberals working to keep the majority of real ones sound asleep.

I find it almost strange that people worry about the Puppet in Chief Obama, when they could have avoided all this insanity completely if the had simple score voting. If we could bust the election methods ConsPiracy the result would be 1,000 times greater than if Obama and Congress were to announce that 9/11 was an inside job. I know people won't swallow that, but THAT is the real TRUTH!