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New ideas are not allowed into the media especially in the authoritative peer-review journals which are based on authoritative dogmas similar to how the Catholic church excluded the heretical ideas of Copernicus, since they were ideas which challenged the rational authority of their day, of which the church was the gate-keeper.
Peer-review is equivalent to the authority of the Catholic church.
It is only free speech which allows ideas to be expressed, but most often the indy-medias do not sustain their claim to support free speech, and they waver based on the subtle notion of an expression of ideas must be from a "competent source," ie free speech is placed into the letter of the law, and only certain funded people have been shown to be "competent sources," ie sources which are easy to manipulate. However, the media itself is mostly about expressing lies and mis-information, so "why is it the gate-keeper?"
(only one indy-media actually supports free expression of ideas.
It is the expression of new ideas which the paymasters [of the wage-slaves] fear most, since the normal operation of the media is to supply mis-information and lies, it does not pass the test of "competent source," {so why believe the science of these paymasters, when there are many good alternative ideas about measurable descriptive constructs, for one such valid alternative construct of science read-on} yet the main stream media is the designated gate-keeper (designated by the owners of society).
It is a rigged game of logical-circles which support the rich and entrap the poor, ie where the poor are those who do not adequately help the rich get ever more rich.
It should be made clear, that, if one tries to use the laws of physics to describe the (relatively) stable definitive observed properties of: nuclei, general atoms, molecules, crystals, as well as the solar system, and beyond (eg dark matter) the stable definitive spectral-orbital properties of these systems, properties which can be used to uniquely identify these systems, cannot be calculated.
That is, these most fundamental physical properties have not been adequately identified by using, what passes for, the laws of physics today (2013). [This can only be interpreted to mean that today's physical laws are failures as a model for a measurable and practically useful descriptive construct.]
Furthermore, this spectral-orbital stability does not imply randomness as a basis for a description of these properties, but rather: linearity, geometry and causality are the patterns which cause the formation of these very stable physical systems.
Thus, if one interprets the data from particle-collision experiments to mean that existence is many-dimensional and (locally) unitary, then one can hypothesize that existence is based on a high-dimensional discrete lattice structure, upon which the stable discrete shapes are based (the stable shapes identified by Thurston-Perelman in geometrization).
This simple construct allows the description to enter the context of being: linear, geometric, and (subsequently) causal, but the causality really about the resonances of "contained metric-space or material components" with the spectral properties of the high-dimension containment space, whose subspaces of the different dimensional levels have been partitioned by the lattice structure associated to discrete hyperbolic shapes. It is an apparently very simple construct and it accounts for materialism, randomness and point-like local-interactions and assigning math-physical properties to the metric-spaces eg position and stability of patterns, allows for there to be metric-space states which require unitary rotations of these metric-space states, these metric-space states are also part of the interaction construct.
However, it is really a very complicated and a very rich context in which to explore both math and physical patterns to be used in physical descriptions based on geometry, as well as to be used to describe the patterns concerning living-systems.
The geometric base is very significant since it allows the description to be very useful, especially, if all the dimensional and subspace as well as containment properties can be determined, but again it is geometric so this mystery seems to be solvable. This also provides a math model of different sets of spectral structures on other high-dimension metric-spaces (this has always been religion, but now it is (there is) a mathematical model of an existence which is not based on materialism), and the accessibility of these other spectral structures or these other-worlds might be best traversed by the high-dimension "instruments" of life.
It provides the modeling basis for the stability of: nuclei, general atoms, solar systems etc (though Bohr's model with Somerfeld's orbital corrections might be the better model to have in mind for the stable [small] systems, but Weyl-folds (associated to the Lie group properties of Maximal tori) of the discrete hyperbolic shapes would be part of the description).
One way of putting-it is to say that the radial-equation (for the separable differential equations of these systems) can be solved in this new context, where the bounding properties of the containing space are the stable discrete shapes associated to the properties of the containing space, which is a lattice. Whereas for free systems (free material components) in the metric-space both non-linearity and randomness are common properties (these properties are now contained in a newly identified stable "bounding" construct, the bounding subset constructs of metric-spaces), ie it is a construct which is consistent with the observed data, but that observed data is, presently, interpreted to mean that classical physics and quantum physics are both correct, with quantum physics being more correct, but quantum physics is based on indefinable randomness, which means that the stable spectral properties of general quantum systems cannot be identified by means of calculations based on function spaces and randomness. This can only be interpreted to be a major failure of the math construct. Dirac held-on to quantum physics, though he suspected it did not work, and he helped model particle-physics (which is really about the spin-rotation of opposite metric-space states) but Dirac's conclusion, though only expressed as a slightly negative statement, was that the intellectual programs of both quantum and particle-physics are failures.
See: Scirbd.com author mconcoyle, for several books.
The reason the failed theories of quantum physics and particle-physics are still "front and center" is about the relation of the randomness of particle-physics to reactions in weapons, and the relation of non-linearity to feedback systems used in guided-flight (but feedback has an indeterminable structure so it can never be actually relied upon). That is, the physics and math communities are highly manipulated and highly managed sets of certain types of personalities, where the case of Oppenheimer is a clear example of an intellectual who possesses partial information which he is manipulated, so as to turn that information into horrific weapons (there is the similar story with GMO's), although many of his cohorts were very willing to supply... , what is essentially still "the Roman empire" (the European model of social inequality based on extreme violence)... , with horrific weapons, whose purpose serves the very foolish concern, or sport, (the blind competitive purpose) as to determine "what few personalities" will own, and thus run, the world, ie its main purpose is to serve the idea (or construct) of social inequality
(an idea very prominent in the Roman empire, and subsequently taken over by the banking institutions associated to very narrow and highly controlled markets, that is, markets sustain power, and the politics becomes an easy commodity to control, especially in a social context of wage-slavery, note: equality means that "an equal general welfare" must be the priority of politics, free-markets can only exist if everyone in society is considered to be an equal creator).
It does not take much to realize that peer-review is really a bullying construct associated to the competitions based on authoritative dogmas (where authority is confused with truth, by the competing intellects) and it is used to filter people into a proper-class of, so called, high-ranking intellects, but these people are easy to manipulate, similar to Obama (or to politicians in general, divided into either those who support the owners of society or those who support the intellectuals, who, in turn, are hired to support the owners of society).
The US got strong enough to rebel from its ruling country due to equality (not equality of opportunity, rather equality in the sense that we are all equal creators) but Hamilton and the other thoughtless, or hypocritical, economic elites of the US converted it back into, being a "part of the banking empire," but this is not surprising since the, so called, highly moral Puritans were building their power on the extreme violence of exterminating the native peoples, the "moral model" of manifest destiny, and subsequently, a banking empire based on violence (Does it sound like Rome?).

Why are the following ideas (about gun control) never expressed in the highly controlled publishing community?
Whereas it is clearly the gun-industry is the "party of the discussion" which has a screw-loose (since they are promoting their profits and do not care about the community), and since the second amendment is about "not having a standing army," so as Orwell stated the second amendment is either about "arming the citizens with nukes (otherwise the public cannot meaningfully resist an oppressive government)" or dismantle the military and let the citizenry keep their guns... , but it is really new ideas which the paymasters fear... , not guns) Note: Free-speech has never been upheld by the justice system, ie a justice system which does not follow the law, since the Declaration of Independence states that US law is to be based on equality, and politics is to care for the general welfare of an equal public (this is the true spirit of the US law).