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Video: Martin Luther King - rally march speeches and music 1.19.13 Portland Oregon

Keep Alive the Dream!
On 1.19.13 a march and celebration of Martin Luther Kings birthday happened in Portland Oregon.
This the complete full video from that event in Portland Oregon
This event was organized by Sisters of the Road and VOZ Day Labor Workers Center
Video of the Portland celebration march on MLK's birthday on 1.19.13

Martin Luther King: Keep Alive the Dream!
The complete film of the rally march speeches and music 1.19.13 Portland Oregon"
(3 hours and 10 minutes)

Information about the rally and march is on this PIMC link:

I will be posting separate video out-takes, of various speeches and performances, and posting them to this link on indy and my website over the next couple days.

homepage: homepage: http://home.comcast.net/~sittingbythepool/HEROMARTIN.html

#1 OF 8 21.Jan.2013 21:40

out takes iam@joeanybody.com

"MLK 2013 VOZ Day Labor Workers out take 1"



1 - 8 video clips from: "Keep The Dream Alive" MLK event in PDX 2013 22.Jan.2013 06:50

Ben Waiting

1. out take - VOZ Day Workers Center

2. out take - The March

3. out take - R2Dtoo

4. out take - March to Sisters of the Road

5. out take - Mic Crenshaw

6. out take - Low Salary

7. out take - The Public Speaks

8. out take - Fingerpaint Afro Jazz