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Stop the CRC Freeway- Meeeting and Petition

The CRC freeway is $5 billion
Please consider signing this moveon petition.

The petition is not perfect, but it's already put pressure on the Dem. House leader Tina Kotek to agree to a meeting.


If you would rather call, please follow this link.

If you want background info on this, follow the links on the phone list. There's a video and all the latest news. The Democratic Governor and House leader have the money in the budget for 2013, and the obedient democrats lined up for this earth killing freeway, sold under the myth of "jobs".

Meeting to stop the CRC on Feb 1st, 7:30pm Crank Bike shop, SE 27th and Ash St, Portland Oregon

The author of this cartoon gave me permission to use it. What will you contribute?

homepage: homepage: http://goo.gl/WXCjN