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Billions$ of Federal Dollars Wasted Killing Children with Un-Manned Drone Strikes!

Let's add it up, folks! How cost-effective is it to waste billions of Federal dollars on killing children and innocent civilians with Un-Manned Drone Strikes? Even if you consider children to be "collateral damage", can I convince you to sign the White House petition to End Drone Strikes Killing Children if I can appeal to you on a dollar for dollar basis?  http://wh.gov/UKpQ
Drone Strikes Kill Kids!
Drone Strikes Kill Kids!
Please look at White House petition

The government is financially choking you
so they
can kill children
and innocent civilians
in foreign
with un-manned Drone Strikes.

Why is this program so expensive?
Why is this program NOT cost-effective?

(1) The more un-manned Drone Strikes
that kill children, the more they need,
because the parents of the dead children
are furious.
Visit foreign news websites.

(2) The more un-manned Drone Strikes
that kill children,
the more the "terrorists"
are working to "hack" into our government
computers which control the un-manned
Drone Strikes.
Once they learn how
to hack a drone computer,
they will turn
it around and send it back to us.

(3) Then we need more expensive anti-Drone
systems to knock down Drones that are
"returned" to us.

(4) Children grow up in foreign countries
knowing that someone they know,
another child,
was killed by a USA Drone Strike.
We are
creating the future wars,
and that is not
cost effective.

(5) We can save BILLIONS$ on our federal budget
right now, by closing drone bases temporarily,
until there is a newer and better computer
system that can detect the physical mass
difference between a man-size real
terrorist, and a child.

Please sign world famous war protester,
Rosemarie Jackowski, of Bennington, Vermont's
White House petition online,

This messaage to you is from
Cris Ericson
Chester, Vermont, USA