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Impressions of An Inexpert Witness

Jury Selection in the Mohamed Mohamud Trial
A jury with all the ethnic diversity of the front row at a Hank Williams, Jr. concert was sworn in Monday, January 14 to decide the guilt or innocence of Mohamed Mohamud, the young Somali-American OSU student who, at the age of 19, was recruited and duped by two undercover FBI agents into believing that he was dialing a number on a cell phone that would detonate a car bomb at Pioneer Courthouse Square during the 2010 Xmas tree lighting ceremony being held there.

Not only is the jury made up entirely of caucasions, the youngest among them appear to be in their late 20s or early 30s. So much for a jury of one's peers. In fairness to the judge and the lawyers on both sides of the case, however, the pool of potential jurors for this case consisted of middle-aged or older white men and women to begin with. At least that's how it appeared to this member of the public, who was not allowed into Judge Garr King's courtroom for the selection process, but was instead only permitted to watch it via video in a vacant courtroom three floors above.

The images displayed on the dark, blurry, low-resolution monitors were of such poor quality that, apart from skin color, it was difficult to determine the ethnicity of prospective jurors. There appeared to be a handful of Asians and Hispanics, none of whom was ultimately seated, some having themselves asked to be excused for a variety of reasons. As far as could be determined from the video feed, there were never any potential jurors of African descent in the pool. Yet, according to Census Bureau statistics, as of 2011 the percentage of non-Hispanic white persons living is Oregon is only 78.1%. So if federal jurors are selected at random from state voter registration records, and if the minimum voting age is 18, why was the jury pool for this case so unrepresentative? Whether or not this was a question Mr. Mohamud's defense team raised during preëmptory challenges and challenges for cause is unknown because the audio feed was cut during much of this procedure.

Now, after two days of hearing testimony, it is—and possibly for the rest of this first week of the trial will continue to be—impossible to get a read on any of the jurors. That is because spectators cannot see the jury. This is due to the fact that although Mr. Mohamud's family and friends, public observers, and reporters were allowed into the courtroom for the testimony of the initial two regular FBI agents, when the first of two undercover agents took the stand on Monday afternoon, the judge cleared the courtroom and of everyone but the trial participants, sending observers back to the vacant courtroom, where only the lawyers' tables are visible on the video monitors.

Duped My Ass 16.Jan.2013 11:31

David Jenkins

Hey dude, dial this number and you will blow up, kill and maim many innocent men women and children at the ceremony. Dude dials the number because you know, the son of a bitch wants to kill Americans.. Now we hear how the poor boy was duped. What a load of terrorist supporting bullshit. There is a thread on here about some "radical bad ass" who was summoned for jury duty, but you know, he hates jury's so much he refuses to serve. There are many, many on this board with the same belief, so don't complain about the jury makeup, it's the bed you oh so bad progressive have made, sleep in it and quit whining.

duped? 16.Jan.2013 11:49


He may have been led on and prodded in that direction, but the fact of the matter is that, at the end of the day, this person willingly and without hesitation performed an action that he thought would kill hundreds of people.

Of course, we will have to wait and see what the actual evidence is.

........ 16.Jan.2013 13:21


He was also 19.

rocket science 16.Jan.2013 13:54

Listening Larry

he was coached and encouraged by the feds

ok, so he was "coached" 16.Jan.2013 17:49


does that mean that when he intentionally dialed in a code that he was told would kill hundreds of people, he was somehow not responsible? Becuase it seems he was very eager to kill those people.

People Have No Common Sense 17.Jan.2013 05:46


How can it make sense if the government can supposedly talk some 19 year old kid into dialing a phone number to blow up a Christmas tree? You mean you don't sense that there's something insane about that? There used to exist something called "common sense" but that's a relic of a bygone era. Sometimes some things are just wrongheaded, even when we have yet to figure out just why.

For instance, when I objected to the police putting cameras all over the streets, some fools would gripe "if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about." But deep inside, I knew it was somehow wrong. I finally figured out that it's really about power; it's about the creation of a two-class system of observers and observees. Does the government allow us to put cameras in the president's office to make sure he is doing the right stuff? No? We aren't "cleared" for that, so he operates in top secret mode. But he can watch us all the time with the street cams. He's a watcher and we are the watchees, the little people who are powerless. How's that been working out for us of late?

Anyway, I'll bet the ones who are claiming that some 19 year old who is hypnotized by government mind control engineers into dialing a supposedly destructive phone number are actually gullible sheltered souls, even though they would be the very last ones to admit it. They will be the first ones to get talked into something. Maybe an "adjustable rate" liar loan?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

"The simple things you see
are all complicated;
I look pretty young,
but I'm just backdated."
~ Substitute ~ The Who

"Don't follow leaders,
watch your parking meters.
Look out boy"
~ Subterranean Homesick Blues ~ Bob Dylan.

Life trying to tell you something?

This is how it's done 17.Jan.2013 06:01


So this is how we stop terrorism. Take a teenager who is angry--very hard to find, of course--and then lead him on over the course of many months, coaxing and cajoling him to commit an act of terror, inclusive of giving him what seem all the tools to do it. Then arrest him.

If he has committed a crime, why haven't the police types who went through all the effort to get him to that point? Haven't they aided and abetted terror?

no 17.Jan.2013 12:31


They haven't "aided and abetted terror", in the same way that an undercover drug sting isn't guilty of actually distributing controlled substances.

" undercover drug sting " 20.Jan.2013 13:25

troll harder, bro

LOL, this 19-year old was going to kill "hundreds" with his "bomb" ??

RU srs ?

I'm far more worried about the White American-bred, indigenous _REAL_ _ACTUAL_ _CONVICTED_ bombers like those 2 dudes in Oregon who killed the sheriff robbing that bank.

19-year-old Muslim kids who know ZERO about explosives or covert ops that have been coached by Homeland Security (established after 9/11 false flag remember...) into being personal Emmanuel Goldsteins just aren't believable.