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Obama weighing executive action on guns

Hmmm! Was'nt there an 'old boy' by the name of Adolph Hitler who used this same "disarming" tactic in his THIRD REICH "NEW WORLD ORDER" OPERATION? VKD
Obama weighing executive action on guns
By ERICA WERNER | Associated Press - 53 mins ago.




WASHINGTON (AP) Facing powerful opposition to sweeping gun regulations, President Barack Obama is weighing 19 steps he could take through executive action alone, congressional officials said. But the scope of such measures is limited.

The steps could include ordering stricter action against people who lie on gun sale background checks, seeking to ensure more complete records in the federal background check database, striking limits on federal research into gun use, ordering tougher penalties against gun trafficking, and giving schools flexibility to use grant money to improve safety.

Obama is expected to unveil his proposals Wednesday, barely over a month since the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., thrust the gun issue into the national spotlight after years of inaction by Obama and lawmakers.

At the same time Obama is vowing not to back off his support for sweeping gun legislation that would require congressional backing including banning assault weapons, limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines and instituting universal background checks despite opposition from the influential gun lobby.

"Will all of them get through this Congress? I don't know," Obama said at a news conference Monday.

"My starting point is not to worry about the politics," he said. "My starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works."

The president said he would unveil a comprehensive roadmap for curbing gun violence within days. His plan will be based on recommendations from Vice President Joe Biden's gun task force and is expected to include both legislative proposals and steps Obama can implement by himself, using his presidential powers.

White House officials believe moving swiftly on gun proposals at a national level, before the shock over the Newtown shooting fades, gives Obama the best chance to get his proposals through Congress.

Officials said Obama and Biden met Monday afternoon to discuss the vice president's recommendations. Ahead of that meeting, Biden huddled with a dozen House Democrats who have formed their own gun violence task force and whose political muscle will be needed to push legislation through Congress.

Biden told those lawmakers that he and his staff had identified 19 steps Obama could take without help from Congress, according to Jenny Werwa, communications director to Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., one of those present. Biden didn't indicate which of those Obama would adopt.

Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., another lawmaker at the meeting, said one example is working to ensure better state reporting of mental health and other records that go into the federal background check database. But Scott said there are clear limits to what Obama can do without Congress' say-so.

"It wasn't anything remarkable, it was just administering present law better," Scott said. "You can't change the law through executive order."

Among other steps, advocacy groups have been pushing Obama to order the Justice Department to crack down on those who lie on background checks; only a tiny number are now prosecuted. Such a step has support from the National Rifle Association, which has consistently argued that existing laws must be enforced before new ones are considered.

Obama also could take steps ordering federal agencies to make more data on gun crimes available and conduct more research on the issue, something Republican congressional majorities have limited through language in budget bills, advocates said.

The president's proposals are also expected to include steps for improving school safety and mental health care, as well as recommendations for addressing violence in entertainment and video games.

"You'll have a combination of gun safety, mental health and general prevention," Scott said.

Another Democratic lawmaker who met with Biden on Monday said the vice president was likely to have given Obama proposals for allowing schools flexibility in spending federal grant money so they could take steps toward safety, including hiring school resource officers, instituting mental health intervention or making repairs like putting locks on doors. Grants could also go to communities to institute programs to get guns away from people who shouldn't have them, said the lawmaker, adding these were steps the president could take without Congress.

The lawmaker spoke on condition of anonymity because the proposals hadn't been announced publicly.

But the most sweeping and contentious elements including an assault weapons ban will require approval from Congress. The NRA has vowed to fight any measure that would limit access to guns and ammunition, a hardline position that could sway some Republicans and conservative Democrats.

The assault weapons ban, which Obama has long supported, is expected to face the toughest road on Capitol Hill. Congress passed a 10-year ban on the high-grade, military-style weapons in 1994, but supporters didn't have the votes to renew it once it expired.

Obama will also need congressional help to limit high-capacity ammunition magazines, like the ones used by the Newtown shooter, and to require background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a gun. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said some 40 percent of gun sales happen with no background checks, such as at gun shows and by private sellers over the Internet or through classified ads.

Parents of the slain Connecticut children added their voices to the national dialogue Monday. Members of the newly formed group Sandy Hook Promise called for an open-minded discussion about a range of issues, including guns. And lawmakers in New York state pressed ahead with what would be the nation's first gun control measure approved since the school shootings.


AP White House Correspondent Julie Pace contributed to this report.
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the myth of nazi gun control 15.Jan.2013 11:26


You hear this spouted off all the time, comparing Obama (or anyone who favors gun control) to Hitler because of some spurious gun-grabbing link between the two. A link which really doesn't exist.

Not only is such a comparison laughable and weak logically, but the facts of history don't really show that the Nazi party was that strict about guns. At least not compared to other political groups in Germany at the time.

You can read about the specific law: The 1938 "German Weapons Act", which really wasn't all the restrictive. Private citizens could still own firearms. In fact, the law Hitler passed was just a modification of an earlier gun law that had been put in place during the Weimar era.

the illegal we can immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer 15.Jan.2013 13:12


in 1968, senator dodd had hitler's 1938 gun control legislation from the nuremberg trials translated for his personal study. he introduced a clone of hitler's gun registration scheme which was passed a few months later by congress as the gun control act of 1968. the gun control act of 1968 began the trend utilizing the nazi party's "sporting purpose" rationale on gun ownership favored by gun control advocates of today.

aaron zelman of the organization jews for the preservation of firearm ownership (jpfo.org) wrote a book called gateway to tyranny, a side-by-side comparison of both laws. both pieces of legislation are laid out as clear as day, mirrored point by mirrored pint. this is a good read for anyone denying even a similarity between nazi germany on gun control and the federal u.s. government.

the gun control act of 1968 mandated the batf form 4473 for sales of firearms by a federally licensed firearms dealer. it asks, among other things, the buyer's sex, height, weight, and race. in a very recent addition, the form asks the buyer's sex, height, weight, race, and then, after the empty race box, asks specifically if the buyer is latino. now that's some fucked up nazi shit to be aware of.

it's just a sloppy argument 15.Jan.2013 15:57


So what? So what if they are even remotely similar? That is as tenuous of a link as people saying stuff like "You know who ELSE was a vegetarian? Hitler!"

It proves nothing. There are other countries who, shockingly, were NOT fascist, who have implemented even more strict gun control. What does that say? On its own, it says nothing. Simple comparisons like this say nothing without analysis. And they are typically lacking anything of the sort. Saying "X is similar to Y, and Y was done by the Nazi regime, therefore X is bad" is just such fundamentally bad logic that I am surprised to see it brought up so often.

Form 4473 is a government form. Like MANY forms that collect information on race, there is usually a separate distinction for Latino. This is not, as you are implying, some "fucked up nazi shit". It is present on most government forms because they do not classify Latino/Latina as a race, but rather as an ethnicity. So you can claim to be racially white, and Latino. Or racially American Indian and Latina, etc. You'll see this same distiction used on census forms, and also at the DMV. I guess they are Nazi organizations also right?

show me your papers 15.Jan.2013 18:43


of course there's no proof to be had, but much to be wary of. even with the term "nazi" bearing a cartoonish sheen of over-(mis)use, its historical gravity chills my marrow. really this is a question of trusting government to not take advantage of its power. this is serious stuff, census, personal identification, and gun registration. note how census information aided sherman's march in 1864, or the internment of japanese people in this country during world war ii. meanwhile, back in nazi germany: how did the nazis so easily identify german jews and other "undesirables" for such efficient corralling? how did they acquire the names of these people?

well, the nazis always had the names of these people because of the census. the partnership between ibm germany and the nazi government aided the holocaust roundup with punch card technology, but the actual information was freely given when people registered themselves during the census process, telling the government who and where they were. in the 1980's germans protested intrusive census questions to such a degree that the constitutional court stopped the census in 1980 and 1983. germany's last census was in 1987. a similar situation happened in the netherlands, cancelling any census since 1991 because people recognize possibilities of information registered with a government.

unfortunately, most people don't know how to protest in this country nor resist decrees from the hand that feeds them. and that's fine; your faith is yours to bestow, but don't expect its successful imposition. you're more than welcome to your papers, but don't tell me i'm in need of papers as well. i'm no threat to you and i've seen to your being no threat to me. this is the nice balance we live by, a balance disrupted with gun or person registration.

How Ignorant 15.Jan.2013 18:43

David Jenkins

How ignorant rex must be. You give up your 2d Amendment rights there rex, make excuses for obama and company's gun grab by being so blindingly stupid to the fact that this government is following in the foot steps of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other fascist assholes that disarmed the people then rounded up and shot their asses. Disarming the lawful gun owners who wouldn't think of shooting someone except in self defense because some mentally ill person took guns and shot up a school is akin to taking away autos because someone driving drunk killed some people. Wise up dude, don't be a fool.

ignorant? 16.Jan.2013 10:17


No, I'm not ignorant about this, sorry to break the news to you. I'm quite aware of my second amendment rights, and I'm probably in the minority of people here in that I actively own firearms and shoot. Pretty regularly, in fact. I am a member of a rifle club, and I shoot weekly. And I am quite intent on keeping that right.

That does not, however, mean I jump on every "oh god Obama is a nazi gun-grabber" bandwagon I see. Those are cheap and sloppy comparisons to make, and they do nothing to advance the cause of gun ownership. What they DO accomplish, is to make gun owners look like idiots with poor critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, gun advocates do a lot of that.

hlc, I understand where you are coming from with your last statement. I don't know that there is an easy solution. I don't know that national registries of gun owners is useful or wise. I personally don't see how they are going to be that beneficial, but I also don't make my main argument against them "well the nazi government did the same thing". I guess that is my ultimate point. The people, like you and I, who are no threat to each other, aren't the problem. Unfortunately we are being lumped into the equation by useless laws that impact all gun owners, not the microscopic portion of them who actually present a risk.