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FIVE MYTHS ABOUT THE GOLD STANDARD (Part I) - Ron Paul & Cong. Larry McDonald

VKD. This will never be resolved until the U.S. TREASUY GOLD & SILVER CERTIFICATES "PLATES" are recovered from Russia and China. The Communist Federal Reserve cohort in the White House started this. Read


How Russia Got U.S. Treasury Plates
FIVE MYTHS ABOUT THE GOLD STANDARD (Part I) - Ron Paul & Cong. Larry McDonald
Posted by Charleston Voice
Accept no counterfeit offerings!

Published by Charleston Voice
Americans are for the most part ignorant of the gold 'standard' envisioned by Ron Paul. Before the 'unenlightened ones' lend an ear to the quacks and frauds that'll twist and spin what Ron Paul proposes, best you read this 1981 congressional tract of his from 1981. A Gold Coin Exchange Standard is what he is suggesting. Under such a system, the Federal Reserve Notes would compete for gold in our markets as a medium of exchange. From what I understand he simply wants to restore competitiveness for goods and services with honest money once prevalent in our free Republic.

Dr. Paul has tried repeatedly for Congress to undertake a physical audit of our Treasury's supposed 8,000 tons of gold. As has been proven this too, is too much to ask of our enemies in government and banking.

by Congressmen Larry McDonald (D-GA) and Ron Paul (R-TX)
...both were physicians...McDonald in the Navy. Paul in the Air Force. McDonald was killed in the Soviet shootdown of KAL007 in 1983. McDonald prided himself in being a "Jeffersonian Democrat".


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Ron Paul is a racist conman 15.Jan.2013 10:24

get educated

Anonymous exposed Ron Paul's links to the white power American Third Position(and Scientologist) Jami Kelso:
 link to newsone.com

Beware of the Ron Paul cult. Anyone who doubts Ron Paul's racism, read the newletters in his own words:


Cue for stampede of Paultards to spam IMC with rationalizations.

nope 15.Jan.2013 16:44

nothing here

so where on the link should we look to see this horrible connection to white power? there is hundreds of documents at the link you gave. were we suppose to read them all or read your mind?

there it is 15.Jan.2013 17:12

nothing here

ok now i see the first link, and it explains the connection, the other links are not as obvious

Sign Your Name Backwards & Be A Soverin Citizen! 15.Jan.2013 18:59


That's right! You can rob banks and jay-walk and stuff if you simply remember to always sign your name backwards on everything!

And His Holiness Ron Paul knows that all our economic troubles are because the Ruskies and the Chinee have their hot sticky hands on our sacred money plates! Amen!

And maybe His Holiness Ron Paul and Ludwig von Mises are right and the South really should rise again so both sides can again soak up more moolah from the City of London.

Gold is always the answer, of course. But we might have less than we think. Then what?