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New State of NY 'Assault' Gun Ban Makes Full-Auto Less Penalized Choice

New 'assault weapon' / gun grab bill in New York actually -- yes, it's true -- makes a more severe state law violation-penalty, a Class B Felony, to have a semi-automatic rifle with a 'high capacity' (more than 10 rounds) magazine,

than it is to possess a _fully automatic_ weapon i.e. machine gun (which are regulated by the National Firearms Act, Federal law and registration). Class D Felony.
Some features -

* ban on pre-1994 magazines with capacity of 11 rounds or more
* ban on magazines over 7 rounds
* background checks on all ammunition purchases
* mental health reporting which is to be checked against the (new??) gun registry database
* 1 feature test for 'assault weapon'. Bushmaster AR banned by name
* 10 round magazines to be grandfathered in but may only be loaded with 7 rounds (to be a misdemeanor)
* all sales of ammunition from registered ammo dealers to be reported to local police
* background check on all ammunition purcahses
* ban of direct internet ammunition purchases
* ammo purchases to go through FFL
* five year renewable registration for 'assault weapons' and handguns

Felony sentencing classifications (Class B vs. Class D)

homepage: homepage: http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld&bn=A02388&term=2013&Summary=Y&Text=Y

most corrupt state leads 14.Jan.2013 22:57


First state to pretend terrorist demolished twin towers, collect insurance fraud, sell scape steel to china, and start a pointless
war for oil control and weapon sales.

Indeed the tail keeps wagging the dog.
Why Gun Control?
Why Gun Control?

Killing Joke --- Up in Smoke 15.Jan.2013 14:43


"Gunsmoke & Mirrors"--- from the corporatized/militarized fascist police state--- killing innocent folk for "profit". "Buy" selling the "product" of taking us into 'WAR BASED ON LIES'. $$$$$$$$$$

War is the product that was "sold to us" based on LIES---> (Industry of War Inc.) $$$$$$$$$$



It's all "Smoke & Mirrors".

RESISTANCE is eVerything. 16.Jan.2013 18:36


^^^FREEWILL Always^^^ to resist and fight the oppressors and planetary exploiters/abusers. No forgiveness or compromise with those whose agenda is to murder us—> both discriminately--- and indiscriminately.

Turn the tables, FOCUS and redirect discourse of discussion and stress the importance of holding war criminals(past & present)... extreme major Earth violators/destroyers accountable for their actions. They are the cause of UNTOLD *violence and aggression* which is being forced upon us all. It is past time to 'zoom back' and see the 'Big Picture' for what it is.


Never give up. . . Never surrender. Keep fighting the good fight for true equality, true justice, and true freedom ***WORLDWIDE for ALL PEOPLE*** (no more "Superiority Complex" or complicity/complacency with regard to the actions that FUEL WAR).


No more ***Lies, Betrayals, and endless Hypocrisy*** of the broken and obsolete destructive systems of 'patriarchal capitalism' and domination by Empire (and the greed & mass overdriven consumerism it spawns through the utilization of "globalization" at other's welfare and expense $$$). The "WAR MENTALITY" is at all of our 'TRUE COST and expense' $$$ (e.g.- we are ALL victims of the "war economy" which has been created for us as a direct result of the last decade of never ending war and never ending lies. We are all victims of the so-called "power structures of war-industry" and "power structures of CORPORATOCRACY/CORPORATISM"... and of the so-called "global-power-elite" institutions of globally entrenched mentality of "privilege and entitlement dogma issues" that FORCES war and oppression upon us ALL and will stop at nothing if they wrongly continue to view the planet as an ever potential infinite resource which they wrongly view themselves as being 'FREE TO EXPLOIT AND PLUNDER' ("free to illegally obtain"— through *illegal wars of invasion and occupation* for Oil/resources) --- continuing to "profit" off the Earth's demise by stealing her 'life-force'.

Patriarchal capitalism hegemony/military industrial complex in war overdrive/corporatocracy DOMINATION $$$/globalization >-versus-< the newfound focus on Mother Earth HEALING and the elevated *^*^*Revolution of Consciousness*^*^* necessary to facilitate a NEW REALITY 'FREE FROM CONSTANT WAR MENTALITY AND THE UNTOLD TERROR IT CAUSES'— to the planet and ALL of us along with her.

It's an oxymoron because we ALL need to help in the HEALING/NURTURING of the Earth and in helping in the pursuit of PROMOTING PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE. It is beneficial for us to work together in finding life-affirming and truly sustainable solutions that are *ALL-INCLUSIVE* and leave no one behind to struggle and possibly die in poverty (by the institution of 'austerity programs'— they rob people of their dignity and their money)... because of the actions of disingenuous so-called "world leaders"/deceivers/"authorities" who lack any sense of integrity because they are too busy greedily filling their own pockets with "ill-gotten gains" which they acquired from 'WARS BASED ON LIES' (false flag state-sponsored "terrorist events"/pretexts that start wars)... as they do so with their blood-stained hands from the innocents which they have brazenly slaughtered and 'sacrificed to fuel their diabolical wars of conquest'. THEY HAVE NO SHAME. The aggressors of the planet are destroying the Earth through their 'actions of war, endless aggressive tendencies, and insatiable bloodlust for violence'.

TOXIC Corporate media and popular mainstream "corporate CULTure" and the never ending LIES, misinformation, disinformation which is propagated from the 'created-socially-engineered-narrative' spewed out by this "corporate medium MACHINE of information" is more often than not... fake and contrived (manufactured) and is geared towards facilitating war and also is "engineered" towards producing an economy which keeps us all —>>>ENSLAVED TO THE SYSTEM<<<—$$$$$. It bombards all of our senses with *distraction & chaos* and all of our 'collective consciousness' with the mass corporatized agenda to instill fear in the general population to encourage us to look to the state for "protection". Together we possess FREEWILL to see through the "Smoke & Mirrors" game of illusion, dogma and myth put forth for our consumption (Freewill to see the 'Big Picture'). We do not have to be forced to consume the corporate viewpoint/mentality because we are free and independent spirits capable of free and independent thoughts & ideas.

Corporate media lies and revises history to meet/corroborate its agenda of deception— its corporatized version/narrative of events— so-called "official narrative stories" that the population is continually "corporately bombarded with" until it becomes the mass popular culture "believed in and accepted truth".

Truth really is stranger than fiction and there is another reality (waiting to be created)... beyond this "toxic-reality" which has been "corporately created" for our displeasure, despair and disillusionment.

<>—>>>"The first casualty of war is always TRUTH."<<<—<>

(((—> —> INDYMEDIA call to ***MEDIA ARMS*** <— <—)))  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwXfDqUUM2Q
(p.s.— I am not a "Libertarian".)
(((BE THE MEDIA)))— + —(((Use your VOICE as your 'Weapon of CHOICE'.)))


From 'cognitive dissonance' to 'Cognitive Transformation' and *enlightenment*.
Contemplate R/evolution and then create|manifest it.

~~~Solidarity & Peace~~~
. . . . . . . Another World is Possible.

*^*^*^*R/evolution of Consciousness NOW*^*^*^*
*~~~Seek Truth and Expose Lies to Light~~~*
*~~~Seek Truth and Expose Lies to Light~~~*
Cognitive Transformation  ^—^—^—FREE YOUR MIND—^—^—^
Cognitive Transformation ^—^—^—FREE YOUR MIND—^—^—^