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Martin family eviction - rally 12 noon Monday

17035 SE Francis St Portland, OR 97236

12 Noon

Now - Today
Noon Monday
17035 SE Francis St., Portland -  http://goo.gl/maps/A6OuI
Community rally and press conference


With all resources and legal recourse exhausted, the Martin family has nowhere to go. They are calling on the community for support.

On Monday, January 14, 2013 the Martin family will hold a press conference. The family invites the community and press to their home at 17035 Southeast Francis Street at noon.

Leah Kile and Michael Martin represent one of four generations that live together under one roof. Leah's three children have special needs. Her grandmother is legally blind and has limited mobility. An eviction would result in dire health risks for this family.

The legal system has failed the Martins. Following a ruling of nonpayment in favor of the property management company, the Martins were ordered to vacate their home. In anticipation of a move, the Martins exercised their right under ORS 90.367 to apply their deposits and prepayments to rents due to the landlord. Their search for housing continues into the present but has been unsuccessful, partly due to a previous forced eviction.

Over the course of months the Martins have discovered that all social services and organizations in the area have exceeded their capacity to aid families struggling with housing. Facing eviction, the family realizes that the community is a source of strength and their last line of defense.

17035 SE Francis St Portland, OR 97236


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Watch a recording of the press conference here:  http://t.co/2akR1b7P