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Mr. President Obama, Isn't it True that Drone Strikes Kill More Children than Terrorists?

The second inauguration of our 44th President,
Barack Obama, will take place in private first on
Sunday, January 20, 2013 and then in public on
January 21, 2013.

We ask one thing of President Obama: transparency.
Isn't it true, Mr. President, that U.S. Military un-manned
drone strikes kill more children and innocent civilians,
than they kill "terrorists"?
protest drones http://wh.gov/UKpQ
protest drones http://wh.gov/UKpQ
Drone Strikes do kill a few terrorists,
but mostly,
they kill even more children and innocent civilians.

Please ask President Barack Obama on his 2nd
public inauguration, January 21, 2013,
to give a speech about U.S. Military un-manned
Drone Strikes, with "transparency" and real facts!

Think of President Barack Obama and this
drone control panel
every time you see a photograph of him
on the internet
sitting at his Oval Office desk
with a large notebook computer.

Start adding up the harsh figures in news stories which
illuminate possible facts which can prove that
it appears that Drone Strikes are killing more children
and innocent civilians than
alleged terrorists.

If you feel that is true, then make your soul be heard and
please sign world famous
war protester, Rosemarie Jackowski's White House
petition to End Drone Strikes killing children and innocent

Drone strikes by un-manned Predators and Reapers
have taken out terrorists
including al-Qaida leader Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen
and the terrorist group's No. 2 strongman Abu Yahya al-Libi in Pakistan;
but if you believe what you may have heard in news reports,
they appear to have killed more children
and innocent civilians
than alleged terrorists,
who never get a trial by jury.

Drone Pilots have a picture on their video screen
that lets them see the Drone turning,
but the pilot in the Drone Control office
doesn't feel the Drone turning
because he is not in it, he is his drone control office
thousands of miles away in the United States.

The Drone Control pilot doesn't feel the speed,
and he can't look and see out the window,
there is none.

Instead, the Drone pilot, hand touching his joy stick,
sitting aware, but in an expressionless office in the U.S.A., while
aiming at a target in a foreign country
thousands of miles away, has no three-dimensional
perspective, instead he has multiple bright,
colorful computer screens
flashing only two-dimensional forms of information.

No wonder the news stories reflect more colorful deaths
of children and focus on innocent civilians, rather than
pin-pointing alleged terrorists.

The Drone control office looks like a fancy
video game set-up, the "pilot" can even
bring a cup of coffee to his office work.

The Drone pilot computer offices are
located in several places around the U.S.A.
They stream live video feeds along with
maps and data.

The pilots touch and press with their
hands on joysticks, just like in a video game.

U.S. Military leaders believe the Drones are
necessary for intelligence, surveillance,
reconnaissance (ISR), and to hunt and kill.

Drones are doing
air patrols
in Afghanistan,
Pakistan and areas around
Yemen and the Africa coast.

Drone control pilots deploy weapons,
dropping bombs, and they perform
surveillance, and
collect intelligence.

If you feel comfortable with Drones
which might be killing more children and
innocent civilians than alleged
terrorists, then be sure to help the
young people you know with their
science and math homework so they
can get up to speed.

If you do NOT feel comfortable with
Drones in the recent news stories,
which you can find by going to
and put 'drone strike' in the search box,
and see the photos of angry people
shouting and furious at the United States
because our Drone Strikes killed their
children or innocent civilians -
if that doesn't make you feel comfortable?
Please sign Rosemarie's White House Petition
to End Drone Strikes Killing Children and
innocent civilians.

Petitions on the White House website are not made
publicly searchable until they have a total of 150

Right now, Rosemarie's petition has only 65 signatures
(January 13, 2013) so please click and read it
and consider signing it.

Rosemarie Jackowski is a world famous war protester
from Bennington, Vermont.



Cris Ericson

Anti Drone Strike Poster
anti drone strike poster
anti drone strike poster

my country 13.Jan.2013 14:07



Drones Don't Kill-Obama Kills 13.Jan.2013 16:29


Drones Don't Kill-Obama Kills

This is what the NRA says about gun's and you know they could be right.

What is the his motivation, clearly the is means and opportunity.
What is the motive?
What is the motive?

His Motivation? 13.Jan.2013 19:30

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Obama's motive for the mass murder he is committing is the same golden parachute the Clintons got for HMos, NAFTA, Welfare To Work, Deregulation of the Derivatives Market, Deregulation of the Banks and Vetoing the renewal of the UN Peace Keepers Mandate which caused the Rwandan genocide. The Clintons left the White House 5 million in debt but withing a couple of years they were worth 60 million which they got from insider oil contract trading in the commodities market thanks to thier pals on Wall St.. This is what motivates the Obamas. They will be stinking rich after they leave the White House. Everyone that votes republican or democrat are simply stupid suckers.