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Federal "justice" center FBI Entrapment of Mohamed Mohamud

please come down to the court for the ongoing SHOW trial.
if you want to come in, you must get through security. pepper spray can be checked at the door. laptops can be checked at the courtroom, or the overflow room with the video feed.
cells phones must be powered down, because, you know, technology may outsmart their show trial system.

the anti-technology posture of the court is a threat to USAID's mission to spread the Rule of Law to developing regions. Portland's fictitious imitation of a Justice Process would be an embarrassment to the USA, if the extreme professional misconduct of the FBI were more widely or thoroughly understood.

I protest the banning of laptops and live tweeting in the Trial and hope Gen Y fixes this Anti-tech medieval Vigilante Witch Hunt behind Secret Closed doors Nonsense.

if the rest of the world knew how bogus this trial is, and what a lifeless spectacle it is, and how poorly the US GVT's lawyer's are representing the Outrageous Predatory FBI Bomb Plot, Portland would be the laughing stock of legal communities all the way to to London.

the case is taking place in 9A of the federal Courthouse in downtown portland. the overflow room is at 12A.
arrive at least at 8, for a guaranteed seat, perhaps earlier, it's a little bit of a stampede.

US District Court
Google+ page
1000 Southwest 3rd Avenue #740
(503) 326-8000

It is considered likely that the trial go on for 4 weeks at least. there is tons of media present but almost zero activists, or outside street demonstration. some banners would look great on the nightly news perhaps saying "FBI TRAPS" "Stop the FBI" "FBIWatch" or "FBI Predators Leave our Children Alone" or "FBI Oversight Now!"

it would be great to get some Joe Anybody style video coverage.

It would be great to have the Coalitions against Racism present.

Family of the entrapped Youth is present. Anyone who is good with media, video, sketches should come.

Courtroom seating is extremely limited (possible 20 seats beyond what the media and GVT attys get).

Present are lots of US Court Marshalls, and possibly undercover FBI.

so, don't be shy, and come look these people in the face.

Several Jurors were excluded for Overt Racism against Somalian Refugees.

There may be opportunities to speak to media about your interpretation of events.

The Defense provided an excellent opening argument as the trial started after the long jury Selection process.

Next week will include Witnesses and More Evidence.

It was extremely interesting to hear a long phone call with the FBI Fake identity trying to persuade Mo to help with the FBI's Fake Bomb.

in the words of Stephen R. Sady: "The FBI Has Gone Too Far."

I have been told Copwatch is collecting notes from anyone who can attend and take notes.

keywords: islamophobia, juvenile, predation, seduction, entrapment, stalking, harassment, fake bomb, fake identity, role play, #FBIWatch, #bullying #cyberbulling, #racialprofiling

anyone who wants to speak with me about my observations so far
or call
503 577 0963
i am planning to attend as much of the Racist Show Trial as possible.

i have seen two full days of court Thursday and Friday.

tweeting from @braingarbage

and don't forget, according to the Racist Senior Center known as the FBI, Indy media is a Terrorist Organization, so say a Hail Mary, end enjoy the deep fried McLaw short ordered for the McFBI.

the sad fact is that FBI is so legally illiterate about every aspect of American Law from the 1st Amendment to Stalking and Harassment Law, that they all need a crash course fast, to save from Countersuit for malicious Prosecution, Entrapment, and Defamations Suits.

Their disrespect of FISA and stalking mechanisms may be very interesting to anyone interested in Surveillance cultures, email Surveillance, phone Tapping, etc.

Snacks may be eaten in the lobby, no drinks inside the courtroom. there is a cafeteria on the second floor.

homepage: homepage: http://braingarbagedystopie.blogspot.com/2013/01/momo-mohamed-muhamed-fbi-predatory.html