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Kerry Cunneen subpoenaed to the NW grand jury

I have been subpoenaed to the grand jury in Seattle investigating Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. I was called to testify on January 3rd at 9am. I did not appear before the grand jury. I will not cooperate with this grand jury nor will I in any way aid the state in its efforts to imprison people.
I stand firmly in solidarity with the actions taken against the Nakamura Federal court house during the May Day demonstration and all action taken against the state and capital towards the goal of a more liberated society.
I am in solidarity with the May Day 5, with Maddy, Matt and Kteeo, and everyone else who has met repression with resilience. To all whose solidarity has come in some form of action, it is inspiring and must continue.

never surrender,
Kerry Cunneen
Portland anarchist Kerry Cunneen has announced their refusal to cooperate with the grand jury investigating the May Day attack on the Nakamura federal courthouse in Seattle. Kerry's subpoena, which was delivered on December 14th, stated that they were required to appear just 5 days later on the 19th. Their lawyer successfully got the date pushed back until January 3rd, when Kerry declined to even enter the grand jury room. Kerry has stated that they will never under any circumstance cooperate with this or any state in persecuting themself or others...

From: Committee Against Political Repression
 link to nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZLIo0K1Ez5c

Hell No I Won't Go 11.Jan.2013 14:04


I just received a summons to take part in a three week Grand Jury trial.Because of my disdain for the whole GJ proceeding I am not going to partake in it.A small way to stand up against the corrupt system they call 'justice'.


Hell No I Won't Go, part II 11.Jan.2013 15:19


Just to clarify as perhaps I used the wrong terminology,the summons I received was for jury duty not as a witness.Still have no plans to take part in any aspect of any Grand Jury.

'hell no' 11.Jan.2013 22:07


You have our support.

Hell -- You Should Go! 12.Jan.2013 13:12

Uno Kim

why not go? find out what in the heck is going on!

Hell No I Won't Go 12.Jan.2013 14:22


Thanks Mike appreciate your comment.
Uno Kim as I previously stated I do not support any aspect of the Grand Jury proceedings too many of my friends have been pulled into it and had enough sense and and staunch beliefs they refused to answer any and all questions put before them. I feel if you are against something then any participation regardless to how trivial it may seem indicates you're as weak as your beliefs. If more people refused to participate in these secret behind the door tactics then it would throw a wrench into the whole proceedings. Just my opinion. I can always catch it in print or on the television. My curiosity does not outweigh my disdain for the corrupt system many refer to as justice.

Jury Duty = Jury Nullification of Bad Laws 13.Jan.2013 11:23


When you get a summons to appear for jury duty you should always go. This is your opportunity to strike down bad law using Jury Veto Power, also known as Jury Nullification. Jurors have the right and the power to find a defendant Not Guilty because either [a] the facts do not support the state's case or [b] because the jurors feel that the law is wrong. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled that judges do not have to inform jurors about the power of jury nullification.

Also, if you get a summons for Grand Jury duty, this is your opportunity to vote NOT to indict people. As a Grand Juror you can ask testifying police officers and federal agents questions that the prosecutor does not want asked. For example, in a victimless crime you can ask if the officer took a victim statement from anyone. Sometimes a defendant will appear to make a statement and you can ask him questions to build sympathy with the other Grand Jurors. The questions have to be relevant to the case, or the prosecutor will try to suppress them, but if you are skillful you can elicit information about the defendant's young children (ages, names). This builds sympathy with the other Grand Jurors and they will be less likely to indict.

Also, a Grand Jury can turn the tables on the prosecutor and begin it's own independent investigation into any crime it wants, such as the crimes of politicians taking bribes and handing out favors. A grand jury that is investigating the corrupt practices of politicians and government agents is called a "run-away" grand jury, because the prosecutor has lost control of it.

Politicians and prosecutors LOVE that anti-authoritarian types don't show up for jury duty. They want juries packed with ignorant, obedient rule-followers. When you decline to serve on a jury you do the statists a huge favor.


Hell No I Won't Go 13.Jan.2013 15:52


Understand what you are saying but I am true to my belief that by participating in any form with a Grand Jury signifies that you are also recognizing it has power purpose and value. I recognize I too have power by nor recognizing/acknowledging their's.

....... 14.Jan.2013 12:28


Oh, its not as a witness. O.k. Nevermind. Wow, worry sure puts things into perspective. Hope things don't suck in your world. Sorry about the whole blaming you for...and then the...you know what, just be good.

....... 14.Jan.2013 13:08


We still support you though.

Hell No I Won't Go 15.Jan.2013 09:52


Mike again I thank you for your comments and support but it is really Kerry Cunneen and other like souls who need support thoughts and actions. They are the ones who are out there doing what many of us only think fantasize or wish we could do. They are the ones who are willing to trade their freedom for their beliefs and live their lives for others in need. They are the true heroes who give so freely of their lives time effort and ethics. We all need to remember there are people out there who are willing to give up everything in order to protect and save animals and the environment. Think about them the next time an opportunity or decision presents itself to you to help in any way you can. Think and act in their honor.

........ 15.Jan.2013 12:10


Oh, confused again. Kerry Cunneen has our unbreakable support.

Hell No I Won't Go 15.Jan.2013 15:02


Not speaking of just Kerry and not speaking to just you. Am referring to all the Kerrys and all the activists everywhere.

............. 16.Jan.2013 00:55


My housemate was called in for questioning by local p.d. last week for harrassment. A minor harrassment when compared to this. But as I'll repeat, anyone with the character of someone like Kerry Cunneen has my unbreakable support, all histories aside.