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Rebecca Rubin has arrived in Eugene

Rebecca Rubin has arrived in Eugene, Oregon and is need of your support.
booking photo-Rebecca Rubin
booking photo-Rebecca Rubin
Now would be a good time to show her some support as she has been on the road for weeks.
County jail is stresful.

You can write Rebecca at

Rebecca Rubin #2033855
Lane County Adult Corrections
101 West 5th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401-2695

For a complete description of mail regulations, visit:

 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

Rebecca Rubin, Alleged Eco-Terrorist Faces Arson Charges

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) A woman who spent a decade as a fugitive from the largest ecoterrorism investigation in U.S. history is due in federal court in Oregon on conspiracy and arson charges.

Court records show 39-year-old Rebecca Rubin, a Canadian citizen, was to be arraigned Friday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Eugene.

Rubin turned herself in at the Canadian border with Washington last November.

A federal indictment accuses her of being a member of an ecoterrorism group known as The Family [BULLSHIT] based in Eugene, which investigators blame for 20 fires across the West from 1996 to 2001 that did $40 million damage.

Among the group's targets were a ski resort in Colorado, wild horse corrals in Oregon and Northern California, and lumber mills and U.S. Forest Service offices in Oregon.

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Rebecca Rubin moved to Portland

Rebecca has been moved from the county jail in Eugene to the Multnomah County Detention Center in Portland. Her new address is:

Rebecca Rubin #770288
Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC)
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

Please write to Rebecca! She is awaiting trial on a bunch of charges relating to Operation Backfire (see the doco 'If A Tree Falls' or read this article).