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Update Venezuela artcles-videos:Tens of thousands support Chavez and Bolivarian revolution

Bolivarian revolution
Looks like the opposition who also went to the OAS this week saying Venezuela's government was in violation of its own constitution and the OAS freedom charter lost out again hands down.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, said in press statements that the hemispheric body "fully respects, how could it be otherwise, the decision of the Venezuela's constitutional powers over the inauguration of the President of that country. " "The issue has been resolved by the three branches of government of Venezuela: it raised the Executive, the Legislature considered, and solved the Judiciary. Game,setand match...

Even though some of the depraved opposition say they will head to the streets and called a strike, they have little support and may not like what happens if they try. A popular saying now on the streets is: Si vienen con un 11 le saldremos con un 13 repotenciado. [Referring to the short lived coup of April 11-13, 2002]

Also representatives of over twenty Latin American and Caribbean countries became signatories to the "Caracas Declaration" and promised to reject any attempts to "destabilize and promote intervention into matters on which the Venezuelan people have clearly expressed their will" and called on the international community to respect the TSJ decision that President Chavez can be sworn in at a later date.

"We express our absolute confidence" in the government and institutions of Venezuela "and fully accompany" the arrangements for "the democratic will of the Venezuelan people is jealously respected,"

Rojo Rojito

Tens of thousands support Chavez and Bolivarian revolution

11 January 2013 Hands Off Venezuela
Tens of thousands gathered in Caracas on January 10th to show their support for and solidarity with president Chávez and the Bolivarian revolution. There was no "vacuum of power" of which the opposition talks about, but a revolutionary people in the streets.

President Chávez was re-elected on October 7th with 8.1 million votes (55%) on an suprisingly high 80% turn out. After his election his state of health deteriorated and asked for permission from the National Assembly to go to Cuba to undergo surgical treatment which was granted unanimously on December 11.

Complications in his post-operation recovery meant that he has not been able to go back to Venezuela since. This has sparked a campaign of rumours, orchestrated by the opposition, to say that Chávez is in reality in a comma, if not dead. No amount of official statements about his health has satisfied the opposition.

When it became clear that, for health reasons, president Chavez would not be able to attend the swearing in ceremony for his new 2003-2009 term of office on January 10th, vice president Maduro, following article 231 of the Constitution, asked for the ceremony to be transfered to a later date so that Chávez can be sworn in by the Supreme Court of Justice. All of this is perfectly legal and following the letter of the Constitution, and was agreed upon and ratified by the National Assembly and the Supreme Court of Justice.

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