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Flash Mob for Animal Liberation

We're organizing a flash mob for animal liberation. A group of us will coalesce out of nowhere, deliver a poem in a public space, following by a speakout for animal liberation, then disperse back into the crowd. Contact us for details!
Here's a beta action video that shows what we're trying to do on Saturday. Please don't share, as this is still very preliminary!


We'll be meeting on Saturday morning at 11 am to rehearse and prep. Preliminary location for rehearsal is Sunnyside School Park at 3448 Southeast Yamhill Street, Portland, Oregon. (Rain location TBA.) We'll walk over to the target location afterwards but are shooting to have it happen by 12:30 pm at the latest. We'll meet afterwards at the same park to break the action down and probably grab lunch somewhere.

The action we will be doing will be very similar to the one on the website, but hopefully involve more people. My number is 650.575.6142 if you have any questions. Again, please do not share the action video with anyone. But we need creative, theatrical, and above all, passionate people to help us with this action and campaign! (We'll be launching one against a major animal killer soon.)


phone: phone: 650.575.6142

Thanks 11.Jan.2013 10:51


I'm so glad the community is still kicking.