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Corruption In The City & Our School Board?

too much money
they were told there is no money
they were told there is no money
There is an issue of corruption on the highest levels that has all the elements of a good story. Mr. Steve Dunn has reported on a problem with the brains of both the Portland Board of Education and City Hall concerning the payments to one Yvonne Deckard. From the article:

"A retired Portland administrator earned more than $22,500 a month this past fall through no-bid contracts with the city and Portland Public Schools.
Officials said they generally prefer competitive contracting -- which helps make sure taxpayers get the best deal -- but made exceptions for Yvonne Deckard.
No one else, they said, offered her expertise."

 link to www.oregonlive.com

After you read this story here is a response we received from our newly reelected Commissioner Fritz.

"Thank you for your message. The Portland Public School Board members are the elected officials with the responsibility and authority to address this issue. Please direct your concern to them."
Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, City of Portland

I give her credit for responding, but WTF?

If she read the article by Brad Schmidt and the one Steve Dunn of the Oregonian wrote she would know that the city also hired this woman for a total of $22,500 bucks to do what? The School Board has a lot to answer for, but the city is in the middle of the whole mess. This is why I don't trust any politician and think we should bring them home after one or two terms, they can no longer see if they are in office too long. We need a full investigation on this contract and make sure this does not happen again. What do you think?
Joe Walsh, Individuals For Justice

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Taking Money from Our Children 08.Jan.2013 09:14

Accountability Bedamned

. thank you Individuals for Justice for speaking up on this .