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Ben Swann Talks about Problems with Aurora, Sikh Temple and Newtown Mass Casualty Events

Swann calls for the police to release the security video from Sandy Hook and Aurora.

More links on this subject 07.Jan.2013 10:24

Jody Paulson

The Sandy Hook Actors PART 1


this makes no sense 07.Jan.2013 11:10


Eyewitness accounts during chaotic events are almost always in conflict with each other. The same thing happened in the Clackamas shooting - some woman was on the radio saying that she saw three guys in trenchcoats shooting in the foot court. People panic and their memories of what went on become blurred and warped. Eyewitnes testimony and recollection is very unreliable. There have been a ton of studies on this.

And even taking these accounts at face value, what would be the motive for covering this up? None of it makes any sense. There isn't a conspiracy behind every major event. People have been killing masses of strangers with guns for decades. In this country.

........ 07.Jan.2013 18:18


Don't try to reason with them. If you present any kind of conflict within their paradigm they will stalk you, intimidate you, immitate you, and never let up. These are people willfully and knowlingly escaping reality. Mental illness is more prevalent than you'd think. A friend of mine, U.C.L.A. student who writes wonderful low budget indy artfilms, a real talent went off the deep end a few years ago. He's a truther. Still a hell of a writer. But he'll break down crying bout the nwo. Even left the country over it. This is our fate.

Think about it this way, take out the occult messages and right wing paranoia, and the lizard people conspiracy is just a metaphor for the IMF. Not a conspiracy, an openly acknowledged ideology easy to question the merits of without taking into consideration all the corruption within their own set of laws and ethical boundaries. But these people are so flabbergasted at what's become of the world and human beings inherent learned helplessness they've created an alternate reality that resembles this one just enough to get by. Its a cult. Wait for end time news to get plugged.