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Stop Drone Strikes!

We only have until the end of this month, January 2013, to get enough signatures on our White House Petition to Stop Killing Children and innocent civilians with Un-Manned U.S. Military Drones!
Please click and sign the petition:  http://wh.gov/UKpQ
Stop Drone Strikes!
Stop Drone Strikes!
January 6, 2013

Please sign White House Petition
to Stop Killing Children
and innocent civilians
with U.S. Military Drone Strikes.

World famous war protester, Rosemarie Jackowski,
of Bennington, Vermont, has written a new White House
petition to stop killing children and innocent civilians in
Afghanistan with un-manned U.S. Military drone strikes.

Please sign her petition now! The petition must have
enough signatures by the end of January 2013 to
qualify for an official White House response.

To sign the petition, go to  http://wh.gov/UKpQ
and sign in/register at the White House, they willl
e-mail you a confirmation, and then after you receive
that e-mail you will be allowed to sign in with a user name
and password to the White House and then you can finally
sign the petition online by clicking to sign.

Please be patient with the sign/register process because
children may be being killed while you are waiting
to register with the White House.

Please go to  http://wh.gov/UKpQ

Rosemarie Jackowski is the author of a book,
"Banned in Vermont". She is a perennial political candidate
for Attorney General in Vermont for the
Liberty Union Political Party which is a major party in Vermont.


homepage: homepage: http://wh.gov/UKpQ