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Video: PDX Noize Demo - Solidarity w Grand Jury Resistors & Prisoners Everywhere! 12.31.13

On 12.31.12 a Noise Demonstration to show solidarity all prisoners was held globally. In Portland Oregon at 8:15 PM a group of around 40 people met in front of the downtown central Police Station {JAIL} to make noize for all those locked inside to hear. To let them know they are not forgotten.
The rally was organized by folks in the PDX ABC.
The rally is to call out for a noise demo intended to show love and solidarity with incarcerated peoples.
To show solidarity with the Grand Jury Resisters, and all Political Prisoners.
The rally was to call out for noize against the state, and its prison system.

The police did stop by, and asked a few questions and then mysteriously they all left?

This is the 17 minute video file posted on YouTube from the Portland rally:

Also this same video file was posted where it can be viewed and downloaded on Archive dot org here:
 link to archive.org

The video opens with a short out-take from Submedia TV which is about the Noize Demo's in Greece on New Years Eve.

An announcement post for this noise event was on Portland Indymedia here: