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Buying a gun at the Expo Center gun show this weekend

don't believe the hype.
The anti-gun rights crowd is making a fuss right now, capitalizing on the recent shootings. What they they don't understand is however many the corporate media can sway in the dark times after a tragedy, they are massing emotional support against solid resolve. Too many guns are out there already which means too many people have already woken up and have armed themselves.

You can too if you haven't already. It's easy. There will be a couple months maybe before a ban can get through. Go to the gun show this weekend at the Expo Center and at least see what's there. After you see all the crazy racist/religious/dumb people you might get to thinking they shouldn't be the only ones who are armed.

If you buy a gun, its really easy. It goes like this: You tell the vendor which one you want to buy. The vendor takes your money and presents you with paperwork for a background check. You check all the boxes indicating that you are an Oregon resident, you're not a user of drugs, have no mental/emotional issues, are not a felon, have not been convicted of domestic abuse. The vendor calls the state police to make sure they have no warrants or reasons why you can't own a gun and there's a wait of 10-30ish minutes. It might be a longer wait now with so many people buying guns right now, but when they get tell the vendor your good to go, the vendor hands over your gun, and there you are. It's yours.

That's how it works for any handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

Then go buy magazines for your gun. Magazines over ten rounds were banned in the Clinton gun ban, so get magazines that hold over ten rounds now while you can.

What guns to buy is a subjective issue. Talk to the people at the show. This will be informative, but not conclusive. If you talk to two people about what gun you should buy you'll get eight different opinions. Here's a video that talks about what to maybe buy before a gun ban:


I'd recomend a full size rifle no smaller than a .30 caliber. A .270 caliber will probably do anything you need it to, but guns chambered in .270 tend to be hunting rifles. Activists who don't fuck around should maybe think about semi-automatic rifles. AR15 and AK47 type guns are good, but not full sized rifles and their firepower is somewhat reduced. An SKS would be nice for a budget gun, but really if you could afford a .308 (which is the same as 7.62x51 or 7.62 NATO) semi-auto that would be my recomendation. They are more expensive, but more useful and fire harder and a longer range than the smaller carbines. These are the kind of guns you'll be building up to, so I figure just start there and save time.

Everyone has their own opinion, though, so ask around and do your own research. I like a .45 pistol over a 9mm pistol because if I'm going to go so far as shoot something, I want to make it count. So I'll actually take a shotgun over a pistol anyways. With rifles I like a .30 caliber over a .20 caliber (which an AR15 shoots) for the same reason: to instantly incapacitate past 200 meters and to perforate cover. The most popular .308 rifles are the FAL/L1A1, the M14/M1A, and the HK91, all starting over $1,000.

It's a lot of money, but that's life. And fuck it, an SKS is probably good enough.

But get something and get started. Firearms is a new realm of knowledge for anyone not in the know. Get your friends started. Ask friends who have started to teach you. Don't be afraid of this. It isn't hard.

I don't know anything about "gun culture" and fuck the NRA because I'm not a scenester about politics and don't like have complex issues neatly packaged for me. Those neat packages are dumbing down people anyways, and dumb people with power get me thinking. I'm just an oldschool diy anarchist portland punk. I mind my own business. I grow what I can and buy the rest of my food from farmers markets and co-ops. I support Citybikes, not that one guy who works there that other guy has a problem with. Getting a gun doesn't mean you're a part of a rightwing conspiracy. It doesn't make you a crazy person to own a gun. It doesn't make you evil or unreasonable. It just means your not a swallower of the easy little packages someone else has prepared for you.

That said maybe this is hypocritical but maybe it doesn't hurt to do the minimum politically either. Maybe help fend off more laws and regulations on people with a quick note to federal government representatives here:


Short and sweet does it: "Please, no new anti-gun laws or regulations" is all they need to hear. If everyone who bought a gun or even a magazine in the past few weeks wrote government representatives this debate to disarm us poor folk would be over and the focus would be on mental health where it belongs. The FDA shouldn't have power to make drinking unpasteurized milk illegal, legislation shouldn't make decisions about your body, and your right to defend yourself against rouge law shall not be infringed. Especially by that very same rouge law.

Self defense is one reason for gun ownership. Self preservation against the government is a bigger reason. So go on out to the Expo Center this weekend and see what you can see.

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