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Come & Play

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we need to do better
we need to do better
On Wednesday January 2, 2013 there is no city council meeting at 0930 but there is one at 1400, (2:00 PM.) We will have two new people on the council and we should go to welcome them. This is a short agenda and does not take a lot of our time. The reason for going, IMHO, is to welcome our new mayor and commissioner. Mayor Hales will be very different than Sam and my hope is that Novick will be better than our last man who has now a firehouse and outhouse named after him. Hales, Fritz and Novick could do some wonderful things for our city and we should encourage them to be true representatives. I will go with one of my t-shirts that simply says, "WELCOME." Can you join us? This should be a time to celebrate, next week maybe not so much????



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I Love This Action 30.Dec.2012 21:32

Lone Vet

It is to our advantage to attend this upcoming meeting of the Portland City Council. We have two new members, Mayor Hales and Comm. Novick, who will be scheduled to sit during a short meeting. The meeting starts at 1400, (2 PM) and will end about an hour or so after it begins. Those of you who can, should show up to say to the council, we citizens are watching what you are doing and want to be part of the decisions that you make. This will take very little of your time but sets the mood from the beginning, that there is much to do and we intend to be present. I know this stuff is boring at times, but we must start to be present and tell the politicians this is our city and we want them to work hard to insure that all people in Portland, Oregon have a say about what happens to them. The anti-fluoride people should be there, the anti-JTTF people should be there, the pro freedom people also must come. I believe it is the task of activists to let people know what is happening, and to do that one must take the time to be involved. I don't mean just joining some committee, I mean keeping the politicians nervous. I truly believe that a nervous politician is a good representative. The moment that they think, "I must make the tough decisions," we are lost. So come and join me, I will be the old guy with the t-shirt that says "welcome" but I only intend to wear it once. My next shirt will say what is on our minds.

Wednesday, January 2 at city hall, 2:00 PM.