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We Need A Name

what do you call a shithous?
kinda looks like Randy
kinda looks like Randy
kinda looks like Randy
kinda looks like Randy
We Need A Name!!!

One of the things I know is that politicians worry about their legacy. They spend lots of time thinking about how people will remember them. Portland, Oregon just said bye-bye to two members of our City Council. Both have departed under serious scandals and we should remind them that they will be remembered as losers. Mayor Sam Adams lied about having a fling with a young person and decided, after two attempts to recall him failed, that he could not win another election and decided he was finished. His legacy will always be damaged.

The other jerk, Randy Leonard, has and will cost all of us lots of money as his vision of covering the reservoirs and adding a toxic waste to our wonderful drinking water hits our water bills. We have seen our water bills double under this man's tenure and what does the rest of the council have to say, they named a firehouse after him. That is the height of arrogance and must be countered. My idea is to also name an outhouse after him and I believe the one in Lownsdale Square is perfect. It sits across from City Hall and conveys a certain feeling that describes Randy Leonard to a tee. It has running water, and "Poop in and "Poop out." A fitting definition of a sh-thead and we should push the council to have a celebration to name it after him. I envision calling it Randy's Poop House #1. What do you think? Please go to my event page and offer your thoughts and anything else you want to deposit at "Randy's Poo Poo Place." I am thinking we may need some balloons with a message on them to celebrate this wonderful occasion where a politician of Randy's worth is joyously publicized.


Two of us went before the city council to request a toilet/outhouse be name after Leonard but received a cold shoulder---ha! See about 27 minutes in--ha!


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Loo Dedication suggestion video 23.Dec.2012 01:44



cellphone video from 12.19.12 city hall meeting