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Action Alert! Don't Let Them Rush Fluoridation Once Again!

Join the "Don't Rush Fluoridation Again!" Rally TODAY at noon at City Hall!
Then at 2pm join us at the City Council meeting as we urge Commissioner Nick Fish to reject fast-tracking the fluoridation vote and instead support creation of an independent scientific review panel to report the current science on the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation to voters.

While Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman have strongly criticized the effort to move up the fluoridation vote by a year, Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Leonard are ready to throw fair process and democratic values under the bus once again and support fluoridationists' efforts to fast-track the vote.

Commissioner Fish says he's leaning towards supporting the latest effort to rush through fluoridation, which would leave no time for formation of a scientifc review panel. Come help us change his mind! We know what a truly independent review of the current science will show, and Portland deserves to know the truth about fluoridation.


Mayor Sam Adams  mayorsam@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4120
Nick Fish  nick@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-3589
Amanda Fritz  amanda@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-3008
Randy Leonard  randy@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4682
Dan Saltzman  dan@portlandoregon.gov 503-823-4151

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Thanks for your support and we hope to see you at the rally and hearing on Thursday!

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Portland commissioners may move for early vote on fluoridation

On KATU.com, December 20, 2012