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VIDEO: Sheriff Staton Fails To Respond To Citizens On ICE Holds On 12/17

On monday 12/17, ACT Network protesters met back up at the Multnomah County building in southeast Portland to hear a response from Sheriff Staton on whether or not he will continue to comply with ICE holds.

StreetNews coverage of Sheriff Daniel Statons failure to appear to citizens for a press release of his decision on upholding the ICE holds in multnomah county. A multnomah county board hearing was held earlier on monday and this issue was addressed without the presence of the Sheriff. At the 3pm hour, a large group of people gathered at his office to be addressed and hear a press release but were quickly dissappointed when he never showed. Twenty minutes later, representatives came out and said the Sheriff doesn't have an answer yet. The irate group raised many questions and concerns, getting little feedback and in some cases no response at all from the representatives. There will be a meeting held this friday at St. Francis Center (1131 SE Oak) @ 6:00pm for ACT Network and other community members to plan further action on this issue.

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Sheriff Staton Fails To Respond To Citizens On ICE Holds

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