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Russia, Ecuador, Indonesia Volcanos Erupting

epal, latest region of the planet warned of growing risks of overdue mega-quake

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Magma agitation under Indonesia: Mount Lokon volcano erupts 800 times since July

Russian Volcano Eruption Attracts Tourists, Sparks 'Apocalypse' Fears
An erupting volcano in Russia's Far East has become a sightseeing hotspot for crowds of thrill-seeking tourists eager to see flows of lava and clouds of ash. Others, however, saw in the natural phenomenon an omen heralding the end of the world.

­Plosky Tolbachik on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, dormant since its most notable recent eruption in 1975, is spilling up to 1,200 metric tons of lava every second - a record amount - and spewing clouds of ash nearly 3,000 meters into the air, local seismologists estimated.

The road to the 3,085-meter Plosky Tolbachik runs through the frozen Studenka River. Despite the risky route, up to a hundred cars full of tourists brave the crossing every day to get to the nearby mountain.

The tourists - who ignore warning signs and the dangers of leaking lava, hot falling rocks and clouds of ash - pay top prices and take a 10-hour car ride to see the volcano. The trip reportedly costs 20,000 rubles (about $650) for locals and close to $1000 for Moscow tourists, nearly equal to the average monthly wage in the capital.

Ecuador Tungurahua Volcanic Eruption- Repeated Explosions, Shooting Chunks
of Molten Rock

Magma Agitation Under Indonesia- Mount Lokon Volcano Erupts 800 Times Since July
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