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Sheriff Staton fails to end deportations in Multnomah County

On Monday, December 10th, various organizations from the ACT for Justice and Dignity network held a rally and press conference to call on Multnomah County Sheriff Daniel Staton to stop honoring Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds. ICE holds and deportations are responsible for separating families and causing local and state governments to pay the cost for federal immigration enforcement. Local organizations have been working for years to stop the Multnomah County Sheriff from deporting people in our communities. After the meeting with organizers, Sheriff Staton said that he would announce his decision the following Monday at 3pm.

Today [12.17.12] activists returned to 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. to show their ongoing support towards ending collaborations between the Multnomah County Sheriff and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Earlier in the day, a group that included Commissioner Amanda Fritz had met with Sheriff Staton and expected a follow-up response at 3pm. A number of people gathered on the ground floor where the Portland Radical Choir sang revised Christmas carols, harmoniously calling for an end to deportations. At 3pm the group went up to Sheriff Staton's office, crowding the lobby and spilling into the hallway. The sheriff was a no-show at press time, opting instead to send two representatives, one of whom remarked (emphasis mine):

"He (Sheriff Staton) feels like for today he's made his statements and received your information," adding "He has more information to consider now."

Not at all satisfied with his I-don't-feel-like-it-attitude, members of the crowd insisted that Sheriff Staton come out to speak to them directly, and the Radical Choir kept everyone entertained as his representatives were sent to try and summon him from his office. The sheriff still refused to show and it was clear that he had no interest in addressing the community, even though he had confirmed that he would during the previous meeting. [...]

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