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the terrorist in the white house

u.s. president barrack obama will be remembered as a mass murderer.
his campaign of raining death from the sky on innocent civilians around the islamic world through his authorization of drone strikes has lead to more civilian deaths than terrorist car bombings, or random shootings by lone gunmen.

some estimates claim that obama's cowardly attacks have only been 2 percent effective, meaning that 98 percent of the people he has had murdered were passers-by and others who happened to be in the area of the strike. imagine if you will, that obama had knowledge of the shooter in the clackamas town center, and just happened to have a drone within striking distance. a hellfire missile strike on the crowded food court of a shopping mall would have killed dozens of innocent people, along with the shooter. AND - it would have been considered a success, the media bleating about how he is keeping us safe from terrorists.

others are not so kind in their assessment of the drone wars. some claim that few of the strikes have actually killed their intended target. with a kill rate of only 2 percent to begin with, obama's drone war can only be called what it is - a randomized campaign of terror.

imagine what it must be like to live in a land where you can never consider yourself safe from random death. where you nervously keep a watch on the sky, and the sound of a prop-driven aircraft makes children squeal with fear.

and what will our future look like, now that the united states has established that it is perfectly acceptable to use unmanned drones to strike anywhere in the world, so long as there is some sort of pretext used to justify it? drones are cheap and easy to make, easy to operate from a far-distant bunker or ship or another aircraft. sooner or later, there will be drones in our own skies. and not just domestic ones, but foreign as well. and terrorists will get them at some point, too.

let's face it - the whole world has become the battleground against a word. terrorism. and who is this war directed against? everyone. anyone. anywhere.

there's much more about this to be found, from end times news:


Hoot4hoot 17.Dec.2012 20:39


So, what's your solution?

Who is this war directed against? 17.Dec.2012 22:16


Answer: Radical Islam!

Imagine living in an Islamic Country with NO drones(BTW, most have none) and you can still die for something like letting your daughter drive a car or attending school or drawing a caricature of a prophet.

Exactly where does this "2%" efficacy figure come from? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Note: Obama is clearly an incompetent leader but I do support his policy on drone use and covert operations.

solution? 18.Dec.2012 12:53

getcher hoot on!

there was this amazing thing that happened in a scientific field investigation about baboons. they were studying stress in societies dominated by "alpha" males.

something unexpected happened. here's a link to a five-minute video about this...

 link to roblosricos.wordpress.com

...and there's your solution.