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VIDEOS: Sheriff Daniel Staton & Jeff Cogen Respond To Delegates On I.C.E. Holds 12/10

On human rights day in Portland Oregon, protesters and local activists occupied three key locations with one of them being the east Multnomah building in southeast Portland where they aimed to hold Sheriff Daniel Staton accountable for the county ICE immigration holds that target hispanic americans as well as other minorities and often times ends in deportation and separation of familys.

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The california law that has now spread into federal law, mandates that those deemed "suspicious" of being illegal aliens be subject to federal INS holds under the "discression" of the county, and is not mandatory. Over 100 people attended this rally and demonstration, and all of them proceeded to enter the building as it was verified that Sheriff Staton was in his office. A conference was arranged by a staff member and delegates met with him to discuss his role in placing the ICE holds and to ask him to stop the federal-county collaborations. County Commission Chair Jeff Cogen was also notified and came down to address the mass of citizens with a positive statement. This action was organized by Portland Jobs With Justice, ACT, Dream Activists, VOZ, PCASC, and other Portland Occupiers. A decision will be made on monday 12/17 by Sheriff Staton and protesters plan to rally once again at 3pm in hopes that his decision will be to not comply any longer with ICE holds.

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Video: Sheriff Staton speaks with group - out-take of jsut the meeting 15.Dec.2012 10:48

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

The sheriff spoke for 24 minutes with this group.

This is a video out-take of "just the sheriff" speaking with the group of delegates:
 http://youtu.be/AD_xUzeaZzo (24 min video)

Filmed inside the sheriffs office / conference room on Monday 12/10/12