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Israeli Soldiers Attack Reuters Cameramen in Hebron

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA | Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:42pm EDT

GAZA (Reuters) - A Reuters cameraman was killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday in what appeared to be an Israeli military strike.
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Israeli Soldiers Attack Reuters Cameramen in Hebron

Military Vows Investigation After Checkpoint Attack

by Jason Ditz, December 13, 2012

The Israeli military is promising an investigation today after soldiers near a checkpoint in downtown Hebron attacked a pair of Reuters cameramen, beating them with their rifles before stripping them to their underwear and detonating a tear gas canister in front of them. The incident took place Wednesday night.

The cameramen were in a car marked as belonging to Reuters and both were wearing flak jackets with "Press" written on them. They were heading to the checkpoint where a Palestinian boy with a toy gun had been slain earlier yesterday.

The soldiers that captured the Reuters cameramen accused them on not being members of a real media outlet, and claimed that they suspected them of working for B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights group which is documenting abuses in the occupied West Bank.

The soldiers didn't give the two a chance to present their press credentials and instead seized their cameras and beat them. One of the two cameramen had to be hospitalized. B'Tselem has reportedly given cameras to Palestinian civilians in the past to document military abuses, but needless to say this is not legally grounds to attack those civilians in the first place.

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More Epidemic Violence 14.Dec.2012 15:17

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

This disgusting violence by israel is clearly related to the horror of Newtown today. Violence is apparently now normal within USofA & without. Why do we not confront this & stop it.


ppppppffffffttt 14.Dec.2012 16:10


You are aware that an unarmed Palestinian boy was shot last week 6 times and there has been rioting in Hebron all week.

Oh, the Truther community doesn't acknowledge the plight of "those" people.

except here we call it "suicide by cop" 15.Dec.2012 05:58

Mike Novack

"an unarmed Palestinian boy was shot"

When this happens here, when somebody pulls a (toy) gun on cops or soldiers we call it "suicide by cop" because the clear intent is to get shot without harming anybody else. OBVIOUSLY the cops or soldiers aren't going to know it was a toy gun or an unloaded gun till afterwards.

"Unarmed" here apparently meant "not armed with an operational real gun but appearing to be armed"

......... 15.Dec.2012 10:06


True, but Hebron is being illegally occupied anyway, the ultra nationalist settlers are zionist fanatics straightfrom...no other than South Africa itself and the rocks of the Hebron desert are literally stained with blood. I've seen it. Google Hebron for yourself. Google Breaking the Silence and Hebron.

I suggest YOU take a look at the history 15.Dec.2012 14:01

Mike Novack

Forget Google. Try any decent history book.

With the ultra-nationalists occupying all over the West Bank where Jews never lived before in RECENT times you want to describe Hebron that way? But that is one of the places like Jerusalem, S'fat, etc. where Jews had been living all along before modern Zionism. Many were killed and the survivors kicked out of Hebron in 1929.

Please, that was not intended as necessarily supporting the idea that they return there. But you are being very silly describing the returnees as "coming from South Africa". Are you under the impression that South Africa was the homeland of the Jews? That they had more right or reason to be there than (for example) than Hebron.