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Show your support for the elephants at the Oregon Zoo

Join a demo to educate the public and inform the zoo that elephants deserve the space we voted for in 2008 and the zoo should not be contracting with a company that trains animals for entertainment.

Demo for the elephants of the Oregon Zoo
The Oregon Zoo - Saturday, December 15th 12 to 2pm
sponsored by IDA and Real Friends of Packy and the Animals of the Oregon Zoo.

Come out and show your support for the long-suffering elephants at the Oregon Zoo. Packy is now 50. He has never experienced one day of freedom despite the fact that in 2008 we voted for a multi million dollar bond measure to pay for a preserve so that he might do so. Now the zoo has a new baby whose future is bleak regardless of whether she ends up in a circus like other zoo elephants have or not. The public is at last getting more informed thanks in large part to the excellent reporting by the Seattle Times. Come out and give a shout out for the elephants. IDA and Real Friends will provide flyers to hand out to the public.

Recently the Oregon Zoo has been in the headlines for their contract with a company that trains elephants for entertainment. [...]

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