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Video: ICE protest - Press Rally - Sheriff Staton Responds 12.10.12

Sheriff Staton continues to ignore the voices of the community and apparently is confused about how ICE Hold request are NOT mandatory. The press rally was to inform and to put pressure on the sheriff department to quit cooperating with Federal ICE holds.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwIM-15JqTc {5 min video trailer}

This is the short video out take from the full video coming later today.
The crowd of concerned citizens and activists met on 12.10.12, on the steps of the Metro building (location of Sheriff Statons office) for some passion filled speeches, chants and information updates regarding ICE and how the sheriff is holding people for the Federal Immigration Services.

There were signs, banners and cardboard full body replicas that had the words "missing" on the chest.
No police were called or needed.

After 30 minutes outside on the steps, the peaceful group went quietly inside to attempt to talk with Sheriff Staton. This move to go inside did not result in any lock down or freak out by security, in fact security was friendly and was helpful in assisting the crowd by giving directions to where they wanted to go which was up an elevator to the 3rd floor. No police or riot squad was needed.

A meeting was quickly set up and a group of a dozen activists went in to talk with Staton, in a conference room. He (Staton) agreed to have an announcement for the public on Monday 12/17/12 around 3PM, regarding his position on holding people for ICE. The sheriff did mention in the meeting that he was not getting adequate feedback from the Federal government on this topic and was preparing to make his own statement in one week.

While he was talking in the 3rd floor conference room, County Commissioner Jeff Cogen spoke with more of the activists, downstairs in the [Metro] building lobby. He seemed to speak favorably in regards to "Not" using ICE holds by the sheriffs department. The crowd of around 50 waited in the 3rd floor foyer and in the main lobby while the sheriff was meeting with the organizers.

The full video from this event will be posted here on indymedia later today.
Pressure and support is being called for by the community.
Solidarity and your bodies and voices are being requested by the community to make this human rights stand.


homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Press Statment: prior to the 12.10. rally (reposting) 13.Dec.2012 09:11

Ben Waiting

Re-post from FaceBook [by Jaime Limon Guzman]
‎*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* [Event Monday, Dec. 10] December 6, 2012

Jaime Guzman
Marco Mejia

Portland Undocumented Families Demand that Sheriff Staton Stop Enforcing ICE Holds After a Week of National Movement Away from Low-Priority Deportations

WHAT: Press conference and Rally to demand Sheriff Staton stop honoring ICE holds
WHEN: Monday, December 10th at 3:30pm
WHERE: Multnomah County Building, 501 Se Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, Oregon.
WHO: Members of the ACT Network including Oregon DreamActivist, VOZ Workers Rights Education Project, Jobs with Justice, Causa Oregon, Oregon New Sanctuary Movement, Oregon ACLU, Immigrant Law Group, American Friends Service Committee, PCASC, Center of Intercultural Organizing, Undocumented Families and Supporters.
VISUALS: Rally, supporters, signs and banners.

PORTLAND— Undocumented families and allies will rally on Monday to highlight the discrepancy between a growing national movement away from blanket policies to honor ICE detainers, bipartisan support for immigration policies that support family unity, and Multnomah County Sheriff Staton's insistence on enforcing ICE holds for minor offenders and non-criminal immigrant detainees, at great county expense.

On Tuesday, California Attorney General Harris issued a legal memo to law enforcement stating, in part, "immigration detainers are not mandatory. Instead, they are merely requests... an agency may decide for itself whether to devote resources to holding suspected unlawfully present immigrants on behalf of the federal government". On Wednesday, Los Angeles Sheriff Baca, formerly a staunch defender of his own policy to honor all ICE holds, announced that he would no longer be honoring ICE holds for low-level crimes. Meanwhile, Congressional representatives from both parties pledged this week to enact common sense immigration reforms that prevent family separation in 2013.

Here in Portland, Sheriff Staton received from community organizations policy recommendations over the summer, and committed to a response by October 15th. We recommended that he limited the use of ICE holds in Multnomah County jails, and restore trust with the immigrant community. After failing to keep his commitment, Sheriff Staton has remained silent on this issue and continued to deport community and family members, causing confusion and frustration.

"I will come out of the shadows and publicly announce my undocumented status in front of the Sheriff Staton's office everyday if I have to and demand justice for my community," said Ricardo Varela, a victim of Sheriff Staton's ICE hold policy. "We will not stop fighting, organizing and sharing our stories until Sheriff Staton stops complying with ICE holds, we know that he has the power to do so".

Sheriff Staton is tragically out of touch not only with the immigrant community in Multnomah County, but also with the national trajectory of Sheriffs who understand the ICE holds are voluntary and choose to limit their use because of the financial and human cost to the community. We call on him to limit the use of ICE holds in Multnomah County jails immediately.

The ACT Network has launched a petition to Sheriff Staton through DreamActivist.org demanding to stop complying with ICE holds in Multnomah County. The petition can be found here:  http://action.dreamactivist.org/oregon/sheriff/

The ACT Network is an network of community leaders and organizations that have come together to stop police/ICE collaboration in Multnomah County, and to promote a more just community through respect and dignity for all people.

About Ricardo Varela- Ricardo came to the United States at the age of 21 in search for a better future. He is currently at Portland Community College and a very active member of his community, he is a co-founder of Oregon DreamActivist. On May 1st Ricardo was arrested while participating in a civil disobedience action in Portland, Oregon, against Secure Communities. On May 2nd the DA refused to prosecute Ricardo and his charges were dropped, despite having no criminal background and being a low priority case Sherif Staton decided to place an ICE hold and transfer him to Immigration and Customs Enforcement's. He is currently fighting his deportation.