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Why Keep The System Going?

The future is in danger
Arrest of this noble man;our shame
Arrest of this noble man;our shame
You who volunteer, give your time to helping others are part of the problem. You who serve on committees for the city, state or the federal government are keeping the system going. Without people of good will this system would collapse, so why do we do the very thing that keeps a system that will screw us going? Man, is that the 64 thousand dollar question? How many hours do you give? Just stop it now and let the system collapse. Man, am I going to get into trouble now!

I have been wondering about this very question for a long time, volunteering is against what most of us want, but we keep doing it. Volunteering is the very backbone of our society, a society that says you cannot sleep on the street, but must have thousands of dollars to get into any apartment. Got to have a job to get a job, place to live or food to eat. I know many of you will say, "Well, we give to charity and that takes care of the poor." You are not serious are you? You do know that at any given time we have thousands of people living on the streets and we have never come close to adequately housing our "Houseless."

Most jerks use the wrong description to describe the problem when dealing with homeless, houseless, those who are about to be on the street. Most of us walk by and do not want to know how bad it is out there. So, why have we not solved this problem, why have we not done what all our religions tell us we are suppose to do? It is a mystery.

Most of us believe that someday we will stand before a god and have to answer for our way of life, many of us believe that justice demands we take care of human beings who are in trouble, the poor, the people who cannot make positive decisions for themselves and those who have just had a hard time and need help. Most of us would not argue about having enough housing for those who need it. Then why do we not just get the job done? That my friend is no mystery.

We are creatures of words, and words too often become the reality, we say we must take care of those who need our help and that is as far as we will go; talking shit but doing very little. Some of us do more, but it is never enough. I have actually heard politicians say, "If we create enough housing for our homeless, the word will go out that Portland is the place to come to, because we are so generous." If you have been around the poor for any length of time you probably heard some jerk say something like this. We have never and there is not one city that has come close to answering the needs of those who find themselves without money. Never!!!! These cities in the United States of America are run by jerks and we keep voting for them again and again. Vote for Obama you young students and watch as your Pell Grants get cut. Vote for progressive democrats you people of good will and watch your sons and daughters go away and kill people for Exxon and Blackwater, (or whatever it is called now.) We are all so stupid and the rich are just loving it.

The only weapon we have is our vote, and some of you will not even do that. We let the rich run our voting machines to such an extent that we are not sure what happens after we take the time to vote, and in some places that may mean waiting on lines for 4-8 hours---what the hell is that. We have known that there is something wrong with our ability to vote for years now and yet we do nothing about it. " Storm the Bastille" should be our cry, not just standing on lines for hours. What a bunch of wussies we have become. The most powerful thing that we have done so far is pulling our money out of big banks, that is having some effect, are you doing it? Do you think hospitals can keep running if there are no volunteers to give out things, greet people, no---but we keep volunteering and paying out our savings if we get sick; why is that?

There is a concept in non-violent actions that says just sit down and let the cops drag you out of a protest, it is a great image for the cameras but we rarely do that, why? The people who have run our groups who are active should be replaced because they either don't know what they are doing or have been co-opted. The unions have lost any way of fighting against tyranny because you idiots think that unions are corrupt. I hear working people say that they will not join a union and want right to work laws passed. Are you idiots or just stupid, and where do you get the notion that you will not be part of an organization that is corrupt---ever hear the word BANK.

Occupy has taken some hits by people who have never joined, been part of, or just don't understand what Occupy stands for. The MSM has led the charge and if you don't know it, the MSM is owned by the corporations and why you would believe anything they have to say is beyond me. Occupy is the best thing that has happened in generations, it may not succeed but that will be because you are idiots.

Tell you the truth as I am writing this, I really don't care what you do or don't do. The reason I say this is that what we do at this moment is not what is driving this country, what is leading us off the cliff is your lack of understanding what is happening around you and you don't even see it. We will go off the cliff, and I don't mean what is happening with the taxes, I mean crash and burn. We are now in the realm of storms that tear apart buildings, cause flooding that brings major cities to their knees, ice is melting so fast that the salinity of the oceans are being affected. We have droughts that make the great lack of water in the past look like just a warm day. We are collapsing on every level and people are only interested in what's on TV. So what should we do now?

I don't have a clue, we have screwed things up so badly that there is nothing we can now do to change directions, so enjoy the time you have left because we are living in a self-fulfilling prophecy. The end of the world as we know it is coming to your neighborhood and I hope it does not interrupt your TV show.

I am 70 and not in good health, I may not see the end of this country that could have done so much good in the world, but is too busy killing kids with drones to notice that judgment is close at hand. We arrest peacemakers and let mass murderers write books. All you religious folks hope and pray that god is not an overweight woman of color who is gay, you are in deep shit. Merry Christmas.

You politicians, you are all going to hell. (or wherever)

Me, I'll stay in the streets when my health allows me, not because I think I will change the way we do things, but because I need to sleep at night and have to look in the mirror from time to time. One never knows when something good happens, I have been surprised before, it is up to all of us to yell, Enough!


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