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CLG. Breaking: Iran Captures US Drone In Its Airspace

War is so senseless. We should put the bankers in a ring and let them box it out.. watcher51445
Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
04 Dec 2012
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Breaking: Iran Captures US Drone In Its Airspace 04 Dec 2012 Iran has "captured" a US drone gathering intelligence over Gulf waters after it entered its airspace, state media has reported. The report quoted the Revolutionary Guard's navy chief General Ali Fadavi on the "intruding" [aka illegally spying] ScanEagle drone, but offered no precise details on the location or how it had been seized by the Guards' naval unit.

US boosts number of spy drone flights over Iran [Oh dear. Looks like one just came to a bad ending.] 03 Dec 2012 Heightened concerns over Iran's potential development of a nuclear weapon have prompted the United States to increase its surveillance efforts overseas in the past two months, a new report claims. The Wall Street Journal alleges this week that the US has ramped-up its number of spy drone missions over the Bushehr nuclear reactor ever since fuel rods were unexpectedly discharged from the facility in October, just two months after the facility became fully operational. The US has long voiced concern over the possible procurement of a nuclear warhead by Iranians, but surveillance has increased significantly in the weeks following the recent discovery of spent fuel rods, US officials confirm on condition of anonymity.

Two plead guilty in plot to ship aircraft to Iran --Prosecutors: None of the parts or aircraft was intended for military 03 Dec 2012 An Iranian national and an American citizen who worked as an airline pilot pleaded guilty Monday in a plot to ship helicopters and aircraft parts for Iran's state-run civilian airline, in violation of the [insane] U.S. trade embargo. Their scheme, hatched in 2007 and continued until 2011, was foiled before the defendants made any deliveries, federal authorities said. The men had hoped to make millions by selling the parts to Iran Air, which is owned by the Iranian government, authorities said. Several of Iran Air's planes are made by U.S.-based Boeing, according to the airline's website.

Obama warns Syria amid rising concern over chemical weapons [LOL! I didn't think USociopaths would dare dip from the 'chemical weapons' well so soon after the Iraq disaster, but alas alak -- I was wrong.] 03 Dec 2012 President Obama warned Syria on Monday that deploying chemical weapons is "totally unacceptable," after what U.S. officials said were new intelligence reports that the Damascus government is preparing such munitions for possible use. Obama told the government of President Bashar al-Assad that "there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable" if it used any part of its stockpile of chemical weapons, including sarin gas, the deadly nerve agent. A U.S. intelligence official said "we have pretty good visibility" into Syria's depots, and a second U.S. official said intelligence gathered in recent days has raised alarms.

After UN vote, Israel to suspend PA funds --PM Netanyahu: We'll continue building in Jerusalem 02 Dec 2012 Israeli government continues to punish Palestinians over UN bid: Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz stated Sunday morning that he would not transfer the tax payments collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority this month. The move followed the approval of 3,000 new housing units beyond the Green Line and the furthering of planning procedures in the area connecting Jerusalem and the town of Ma'aleh Adumim that could prevent the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state.

Kissinger and the secret spy network of former Gestapo and S.S. men 'who plotted to overthrow West German government' 03 Dec 2012 A German academic has unearthed evidence showing former U.S. Secretary of State [terrorist] Henry Kissinger once discussed a coup with disgruntled Nazis to overthrow the West German government in the 1970s. Kissinger and Richard Nixon were aggrieved at the left-leaning government of the day's burgeoning friendship with the hardline East German government. Kissinger became the contact man for a secret spy network made up of old Nazis and elite aristocrats aimed at torpedoing the plans formulated by Chancellor Willy Brandt. The treasurer of the group was Alfred Seidl, a former Nazi who acted as the chief defence lawyer for Hitler deputy Rudolf Hess.

Heads up! Let's hope they don't 'go live,' as they did on 9/11. NORAD to Conduct Air Defense Exercise in National Capital Region 03 Dec 2012 The North American Aerospace Defense Command and its geographical component, the Continental United States NORAD Region (CONR), announced today that they will conduct an air defense exercise in the National Capital Region (NCR), between midnight and 2 a.m., beginning on Dec. 4 and concluding early Thursday. The exercise is comprised of a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR's Eastern and Western Air Defense Sectors. Exercise Falcon Virgo is designed to hone NORAD's intercept and identification operations as well as to operationally test the NCR Visual Warning System and to certify newly assigned Command and Control personnel at JADOC [as well as to operationally test their ability to carry out the next false flag].

DIA sending hundreds more spies overseas 01 Dec 2012 The Pentagon will send hundreds of additional spies overseas as part of an ambitious plan to assemble an espionage network that rivals the CIA in size, U.S. officials said. The project is aimed at transforming the Defense Intelligence Agency, which has been dominated for the past decade by the demands of two wars, into a spy service focused on emerging threats and more closely aligned with the CIA and elite military commando units. When the expansion is complete, the DIA is expected to have as many as 1,600 "collectors" in positions around the world, an unprecedented total for an agency whose presence abroad numbered in the triple digits in recent years.

Revealed: Pentagon gets *110 million for secret 'Plan X' cyberwar plans --Experts say 'Plan X' could range from taking out power grids to disabling a pacemaker in an enemy combatant. [Hopefully, Anonymous will develop a 'Plan X' of its own.] 01 Dec 2012 The Pentagon is hoping that new efforts to reach out to the private sector will help upgrade its military force to be better prepared to fight in the digital age. The new program, dubbed Plan X, hopes to facilitate the development of new technologies that will allow the military to 'dominate the cyber battlespace,' while simultaneously implementing a clearer strategy for using cyberattacks. Plan X has already received *110 million in funding for the next five years, which it hopes to dole out in military contracts to researchers around the country.

Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages 03 Dec 2012 AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers would be required to record and store information about Americans' private text messages for at least two years, according to a proposal that police have submitted to the U.S. Congress. CNET has learned a constellation of law enforcement groups has asked the U.S. Senate to require that wireless companies retain that information, warning that the lack of a current federal requirement "can hinder law enforcement investigations." They want an SMS retention requirement to be "considered" during congressional discussions over updating a 1986 privacy law for the cloud computing era -- a move that could complicate debate over the measure and erode support for it among civil libertarians.

Police Can Access Your Email Without a Warrant If It's 180 Days Old 30 Nov 2012 When retired four-star general and former CIA Director David Petraeus resigned from his post this month after admitting to an extramarital affair, one of the more startling revelations was that the dalliance was discovered when the FBI sifted through his private Gmail account. The spy chief had been out-spied. More alarming is that the average American could easily be subjected to the same snooping that Petraeus endured. According to current law, police can access email through a provider, like Yahoo or Gmail, without a warrant if the message is more than 180 days old.

GSA proposes trading Hoover Building for new FBI campus 03 Dec 2012 The Federal Bureau of Investigation would move out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue and relocate to a new Washington-area campus facility under a plan the General Services Administration released Monday. The GSA, under a directive from President Obama to reduce the footprint and costs of its real estate, outlined the proposal as it launched a search for private development partners for two major parcels of federal land in downtown Washington. One is the Hoover building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls Guantanamo Bay detainees 'crazy bastards' [Hello, Pot? This is Kettle.] 30 Nov 2012 Sen. Lindsey Graham charged Thursday that Guantanamo Bay is full of "crazy bastards" who should not be brought to the United States. "Simply stated, the American people don't want to close Guantanamo Bay, which is an isolated, military-controlled facility, to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the United States," the Republican senator [sociopath] from South Carolina said in a floor speech. His comments came during a Senate debate concerning the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Manning lawyer: Military actions 'criminal'--Manning was usually kept in his cell between 21 and 23 hours each day, according to testimony at a recent court hearing on his detention. 03 Dec 2012 Military commanders committed a crime by keeping Bradley Manning in unnecessarily strict conditions at a Marine Corps brig for nearly nine months, the alleged WikiLeaks source's defense attorney charged Monday in his first public speech about his client's case. "Brad's treatment at Quantico will forever be etched in our nation's history as a disgraceful moment in time," David Coombs told about 100 Manning supporters at a Washington, D.C., church Monday night. "Not only was it stupid and counterproductive -- it was criminal."

Two Years of Cablegate as Bradley Manning Testifies for the First Time by Julian Assange 29 Nov 2012 For years, WikiLeaks faced a chorus of accusations by U.S. officials and right-wing pundits of making the world a less-safe place, and of having potentially caused harm through publication of embarrassing secrets. In reality, the cables show that torture and killing are not isolated events, but the violent manifestations of an aggressive policy of coercion used by the United States in the pursuit of its strategic commercial and political goals around the world. While U.S. law bans the training of military units with a history of human rights violations, in practice the law is easily and often circumvented... A diplomatic cable from November 2009 mentions as a side note that right-wing paramilitaries in Colombia were responsible for the death of 257,089 victims, a figure well above the estimations of local human rights activists. The U.S. has nonetheless offered generous support to the Colombian military; Amnesty International, which has called for a complete cut-off of U.S. military aid to Colombia, has estimated that total U.S. aid in 2006 amounted to *728 million, of which 80 percent was given to military and police assistance. As of 2012, U.S. military support to Colombia is ongoing.

Global Powers Work to Break Environmental Solidarity, and to Exploit 'Opportunities' of Climate Change by Julian Assange 29 Nov 2012 On environmental issues, cables show that the U.S. routinely makes symbolic gestures rather than initiating substantial practices to combat climate change [global warming], and works aggressively to tailor international agreements to its own commercial interests... In a visit to Canada in 2009 David Goldwyn, the State Department's Coordinator for International Energy Affairs discussed public relations assistance to be offered to the oil sands industry. Goldwyn proposed consulting experts, scholars and think tanks to "increase visibility and accessibility of more positive news stories." The cable was later used by environmentalists in their battle against the Keystone XL pipeline, which ships crude oil across the U.S.-Canada border. In early 2012, President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, but recently publicly announced support for another proposal. It also turns out that Goldwyn eventually went on to work for Sutherland, a lobbying group in favor of Keystone XL.The cables also reveal that the U.S. is carefully positioning itself to take advantage of new opportunities for harvesting hydrocarbons and minerals from the Arctic as climate change melts polar ice.

Greenland and Antarctica 'have lost four trillion tonnes of ice' in 20 years --Landmark study finds melting polar ice has led to 11mm rise in sea level --Greenland losing ice five times faster than early 1990s 29 Nov 2012 More than 4 trillion tonnes of ice from Greenland and Antarctica has melted in the past 20 years and flowed into the oceans, pushing up sea levels, according to a study that provides the best measure to date of the effect climate change global warming is having on the earth's biggest ice sheets. The research involved dozens of scientists and 10 satellite missions and presents a disturbing picture of the impact of recent warming at the poles. The scientists claim the study, published in the journal Science, ends a long-running debate over whether the vast ice sheet covering the Antarctic continent is losing or gaining mass.

43 students taken to hospital in carbon monoxide scare 03 Dec 2012 Police and rescue crews rushed to Finch Elementary School in southwest Atlanta on Monday morning, where at least 49 people were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. The reports came in to 911 at about 8:35 a.m. Fire crews said when they arrived at the school in the Oakland City area, at least six people had been overcome by the fumes.

Boehner, House GOP leaders: Raise Medicare eligibility age, cut Social Security, slash taxes on wealthy [And, the PentaPost, ever the faithful servant of the GOP, Wall Street, and the Drone -- buried these salient points in paragraphs *eight and nine* of their 'article.'] 03 Dec 2012 The [GOP] proposal... would push the top rate below the current level of 35 percent and raise c*sh by wiping out loopholes and deductions. The plan also seeks *600 billion in health savings. One option, GOP aides said, would be raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67. And it would save *200 billion by applying a(n) less generous austerity measure of inflation government wide, including to Social Security benefits, which would rise more slowly as a result. The GOP plan also seeks another *300 billion in cuts to agency budgets on top of the *1 trillion in cuts already enacted. [Oh, but there's a spare *100 million to build an Air Force facility in Tel Aviv, though, right? Start reading.]

Corporate profits hit record as wages get squeezed 03 Dec 2012 Just four years after the worst shock to the economy since the Great Depression, U.S. corporate profits are stronger than ever. In the third quarter, corporate earnings were *1.75 trillion, up 18.6% from a year ago, according to last week's gross domestic product report. That took after-tax profits to their greatest percentage of GDP in history. But the record profits come at the same time that workers' w*ges have fallen to their lowest-ever share of GDP.

Mitt Romney rejoins Marriott board 03 Dec 2012 Former presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is rejoining Marriott International's board of directors. He's held the post with the hotel chain twice before. The first time was from 1993 to 2002, when he left to campaign for governor of Massachusetts, and from 2009 to 2011, when he left to start his campaign for the presidency. It's the first job announcement Romney has made since he lost the November election to President Barack Obama.

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Last time they made drone claims, it turned out to be Photoshop.