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Biology Courses We Should Have For A Masters Degree In Biology

Course suggestions for a graduate degree in biology
Some people in the United States want to get a non thesis masters degree in biology but they want to take fun courses in animal biology or better known as zoology. Well I have tried browsing the internet looking for good zoology courses and I discovered that there are few colleges with good courses for graduate students.
Maybe somebody else can find some zoology courses that they think that graduate schools should offer but there is one piece of good news. You can find this story at Hudson-Mohawk Indymedia. It is titled ( Non Thesis Masters Degrees In Biology-Zoology Courses ) and it was posted May 18, 2012
I think it would great to have vertebrate physiology, ecology and behavior courses for a graduate degree in biology but all you find are introductory courses in these areas for undergraduates and not much else for graduate students. So if you did this for fish, mammals, birds and herpetology you could end up with 12 graduate courses for your masters degree. This is just an example of what I want to see in a graduate degree in biology. The problem is I can't find a graduate program with such course offerings.
Does anybody else have any suggestions?

uh 06.Dec.2012 08:05


What in the hell does this have to do with indymedia?

Send this to your university.