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Speak Out Against the Morrow Coal Terminal

Last week, after receiving thousands of public comments from CREDO activists in Oregon, the Department of State Lands delayed its permitting decision on the proposed Morrow Pacific coal export terminal from December until at least April ? specifically mentioning the unprecedented number of comments it had received on the application.
But while the Department of State Lands has delayed its decision, other permitting decisions continue moving forward ? and we need to maintain unrelenting pressure to oppose them.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now considering separate air and water pollution permits the project needs to move forward. The DEQ is holding three important public hearings next week on these permits, including one in Portland.

What: Public hearing on the Morrow Pacific coal terminal
When: Thursday, December 6, 6 p.m.
Where: Ambridge Event Center, 1333 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland

RSVP to testify against coal exports on Thursday in Portland.

It's vital that as many Oregonians as possible take the opportunity to testify against coal exports, and we'll send you talking points and other information to make the experience easy. But even if you don't want to testify, you can still attend Thursday's hearing to show your opposition.

If the project receives all of the permits it needs, Portland would become a big contributor to climate change and a significant link in the global dirty-energy supply chain. Coal would be shipped by rail from Montana or Wyoming to Oregon, then loaded onto barges and sent down the Columbia River to the Port of St. Helens ? before being shipped to South Korea.

Wherever coal export terminals are built, problems arise. At a coal export terminal in Seward, Alaska, coal dust has coated the town's scenic boat harbor.2 And in Mobile, Alabama, coal dust from the McDuffie Terminal polluted local neighborhoods for decades before the problem was addressed.3 That's what could be in store for Oregon if the Morrow Pacific Project is allowed to move forward.

With demand for coal quickly declining in the United States, big coal and rail companies are desperate to sell their dirty product overseas. They're engaging in a massive PR campaign to mislead Oregon and Washington residents about the nature and impact of their plans to turn the Pacific Northwest into a hub for dirty coal exports.

In September alone, a front group backed by big coal and rail companies pumped $866,000 into pro-coal exports TV ads in Oregon and Washington.4 By testifying against the disastrous Morrow Pacific coal export terminal on Thursday in Portland, you can help fight back.

Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Recent Rally Opposing Oregon Coal Exports 04.Dec.2012 10:16

jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Rally at the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) building in Salem to deliver 16,000 petitions to the newly appointed DSL Director Mary Abrams. Right now, the Oregon DSL is making the decision whether or not to approve a permit for the Morrow-Pacific coal export project.

Speakers are introduced by Lucy Sedgwick, Field Organizer for Oregon Sierra Club: Andy Harris of Physicians for Social Responsibility; Kathy Seabrook, Columbia Gorge recreationist; Jeremy Ferguson, Mayor Of Milwaukie, Oregon.

Big Coal still plans to send nearly 9 million tons of coal down the Columbia River every year, more than three times as much coal as we burn within our state limits every year. With climate disruption showing up on the doorsteps of thousands of people last week, it is only becoming more imperative that we do all we can to stop dirty coal exports.

Rally Opposing Coal Exports

Try Again 04.Dec.2012 13:57

Jim Lockhart