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Canadian Eco-Activist Rebecca Rubin surrenders to US authorities after 10 years undergroun

US law makes terrorists out of animal and ecological activists. The Animal Enterprise Anti-Terrorism Act imposes draconian prison sentences on those who would take action against animal abusers, cruel industries, and those who profit from animal suffering. Canadian Rebecca Rubin has been vilified for her alleged part in opposing practices lethal to animals and the environment.
Born to be wild and free...
Born to be wild and free...
Rebecca Rubin - Vancouver activist ends 10 years underground for jail
Animal Enterprise Anti-Terrorism Act Criiminalizes Animal Activists, Protects Animal Abusers

Rebecca Rubin, Vancouver animal activist, wildlife rehabilitator, vegan, local woman, gave herself up to authorities after 10 years underground. She was wanted by the FBI, on their most wanted list in fact, despite the fact she has never taken a life. She has, in fact, defended life. This was her unforgivable crime. In this world where money and power are often valued over life and freedom, Rebecca stood on the side of those about to lose their lives, their freedom.

I met Rebecca Rubin years ago in Vancouver. She is a kind and gentle person who has devoted her life to standing up for those who have no voice, the animals and our beloved earth. For this she has been called a terrorist. For this she has been hounded to the ends of the earth, our Mother Earth, for her defence of our animal sisters and brothers.

The true terrorists are those who deny our animal sisters and brothers their lives, their homes, their right to exist. The Animal Liberation Front is non-violent, no lives are taken. Laws such as the federal US Animal Enterprise Anti-Terrorism Act criminalize those who choose to defend lives over blood profits, and in doing so, put their own freedom at risk.

One day people like Rebecca Rubin, and others like her, will be seen for what they really are...the frontrunners, the trail-breakers, the leaders of a new world order where compassion and respect for all living creatures are valued over money and power. I send my love out to Rebecca, who has no doubt suffered much over the past decade, her friends and family, and all those who, through their lives and their actions live lives that allow others to simply live.

In solidarity, Roslyn Cassells, former Vancouver Park Commissioner and Canada's first elected Green