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Walmart Is Not Really So Afraid Of Unions. They Really Fear High Tariffs And Inheritance T

No matter how strong they might get, unions will not get all the Walmart gold by any means. Their union phobia is mostly just another red-herring. They really just want all the money!

If the American people ever regained the power to demand high tariffs, and every nation followed suit, they couldn't play us off against other workers. They would be forced to re-build local industry and pay decent wages! It's so simple!

If the American people ever regained the power to demand 100% inheritance taxes, the fat lazy conniving rich would have to earn their money just like the rest of us, and the vast mountains of corruption and deceit would dwindle away.
What should we demand??? POWER!!! — just power — that's what! How will we get it? — By demand! No more complicated voting machines. Get hand counted paper ballots that cannot be hacked in a technically coordinated fashion.

Also end the election methods scam that has been perpetrated since around 1770, about the time of the French Revolution! Take a look at what they have done to democracy:

From Wikipedia, (the "non-profit" encyclopedia (a private asset) built by volunteers)
Voting system

Voting theory became an object of academic study around the time of the French Revolution.[14] Jean-Charles de Borda proposed the Borda count in 1770 as a method for electing members to the French Academy of Sciences. His system was opposed by the Marquis de Condorcet, who proposed instead the method of pairwise comparison that he had devised. Implementations of this method are known as Condorcet methods. He also wrote about the Condorcet paradox, which he called the intransitivity of majority preferences.[16]

While Condorcet and Borda are usually credited as the founders of voting theory, recent research has shown that the philosopher Ramon Llull discovered both the Borda count and a pairwise method that satisfied the Condorcet criterion in the 13th century. The manuscripts in which he described these methods had been lost to history until they were rediscovered in 2001.[17]

The 1% have just been dragging out one red-herring after another, and so laying the dogs on the wrong scent! The solution is dirt-simple, yet now they drag out the new fake "IRV" to throw us off the trail to people-power! And it never ends.

Who is left that is beholden to vote "sincerely" or "honestly" (really heroiclly and foolishly)? ONLY THE POOR PUBLIC!!!

Simple score voting has ALWAYS been the solution! You get to vote for as many candidates as you choose (within practical time or number constraints). You can give each, individual one of them between one and ten votes. Give one candidate 10 votes, another 9, and you cannot waste more than 10% of your vote. Plus you get to be strategic (not foolishly heroic). Pretty soon the greedy creeps will start coming in second! THEN WE WIN!