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VIDEO: Black Friday Protesters Send A Big Message To Walmart

On black friday, protests across the country broke out against Walmart and workers across the nation walked out on them.

StreetNews Report:

Protests across the county have been taking place on black friday this year. The actions against Walmart happen to be the largest, and Portland protesters held a large gathering at the Eastport Walmart starting at 8pm Thanksgiving night. Through the night, organizers wired up a large LED lighted sign saying "Walk Out On Walmart" and had numerous shoppers honking in solidarity and curious about their message. The message to Walmart is clear; Stop overdevelopment which pushes small businesses out, start offering health care to part time workers, quit the employee mistreatment, and stop paying women lower wages than their male counterparts in equal positions.

Over 200 protesters showed out Friday morning chanting with signs and banners, and newly re-elected Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz attended the event and read a powerful letter with anger stating that Portland will not accept Walmarts' practices. Two people were arrested the night before after causing a "public disturbance" inside the store, but other than that all was peaceful. Across the country and throughout Oregon, many protests took aim at Walmart and considerable numbers of employees walked off the job on this day. Give the workers some respect!

Video Link:

Black Friday Protest Against Walmart In Portland Oregon

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