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VIDEO: Black Friday Protesters Send A Big Message To Walmart

On black friday, protests across the country broke out against Walmart and workers across the nation walked out on them.

StreetNews Report:

Protests across the county have been taking place on black friday this year. The actions against Walmart happen to be the largest, and Portland protesters held a large gathering at the Eastport Walmart starting at 8pm Thanksgiving night. Through the night, organizers wired up a large LED lighted sign saying "Walk Out On Walmart" and had numerous shoppers honking in solidarity and curious about their message. The message to Walmart is clear; Stop overdevelopment which pushes small businesses out, start offering health care to part time workers, quit the employee mistreatment, and stop paying women lower wages than their male counterparts in equal positions.

Over 200 protesters showed out Friday morning chanting with signs and banners, and newly re-elected Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz attended the event and read a powerful letter with anger stating that Portland will not accept Walmarts' practices. Two people were arrested the night before after causing a "public disturbance" inside the store, but other than that all was peaceful. Across the country and throughout Oregon, many protests took aim at Walmart and considerable numbers of employees walked off the job on this day. Give the workers some respect!

Video Link:

Black Friday Protest Against Walmart In Portland Oregon

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I Like This 25.Nov.2012 02:03


Walmart should actually, die in hell.

(This message has been approved by blues.)

Unionista FAIL 25.Nov.2012 06:29

Quit telling lies

If you think 50 workers walking out nationwide is significant out of 1.3 million, then you are an idiot. Unionistas and progressive layabouts protested, wal mart workers went to work. This was an epic fail, and it is funny as hell to see you spin yourselves into a knot. The big message sent to wal mart is that if you want to destroy your company, let these union parasites get their nose under the tent. Portland will accept wal marts practices and 200 scumbags protesting don't mean a fucking thing. LOL

!!!!! ????? 25.Nov.2012 13:21

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

What can anyone say to a person like "quit telling lies" that he or she or it could possibly understand.

Rise of the middle class historically followed growth of unions. Fall of the middle class follows exactly the shrinking of unions. Coincidence? No. Causal? Yes.

Walmart is social & economic disease. Recent actions against this disease are only the beginning.

Nothing you can say 26.Nov.2012 10:20

quit telling lies

Nothing you can say to make me buy into the unionista bullshit you spew, den. Unions are nothing but a fucking racket funneling money to the democrap party while not doing shit for the workers. Unions may have been the cat's meow back in the 30's, they are nothing but an enclave of greed now, demanding outrageous compensation for very little output. Fuck the unions, and fuck you with your elitist "I know it all" attitude.

AND! 26.Nov.2012 15:25

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

A man who allegedly stole something was killed by an employee at a Georgia walmart. And mere days after these protests, over one hundred workers were killed by fire in a garment sweatshop in Bangladesh, which sweatshop had produced clothes for walmart.

Walmart is a disease.

And?????? 27.Nov.2012 10:39


So what you are saying is that all we have to do to stop a fire in Bangladesh and stop shoplifting enforcement is to unionize. What horseshit. The unions drove the garment manufacturing industry out of America with their greed and ludicrous demands, and now you are bitching about a sweatshop in Bangladesh. The blame for these sweatshops rests squarely on the unions, not Wal Mart.

From your other post in the discussion section you said that you were out protesting Wal Mart on black Friday, you and your lefty bro's and other bussed in union assholes. The workers did not strike and only a very few "walked out", usually after their shifts were over. Quit trying to make this union protest about wal mart workers, they were not involved in any significant way.

Unions just killed Hostess, 18,000 jobs lost because of union greed. Wise up America and reject union bullshit.