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VIDEO: "Stop The War On Gaza" Part 2 Action In Pioneer Square 11/21

JoeAnybody.Com Report-Back:

A follow up to saturdays action in Pioneer Square in which around 150 protesters rallyed and marched against Israeli occupation and war on Gaza. This action yielded about half as many people but they were just as motivated. As of November 20th, there has been a cease fire agreement reached but Netanyahu stated that it does not mean that Israel will not resort to invasion in the future and a top commander declared that quote "if there is quiet in the Gaza region, there will be no terror, if not then it may be a worse future" (AP). Palestinian activist and PSU organizer Wael Elsady led this speech packed rally along with other students who have been core organizers. Flags flew high as Portlanders sent their message of peace to Gaza, and though peace has temporarily been reached, they aim to bring awareness to the fact that Palestinians are still suffering by sanctions and enduring the hostility that Israel has imposed on them.

Video Link:

Stop The War On Gaza Protest - Part 2
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