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FRIENDS IN VIETNAM, Tuesday, November 27

Multnomah Monthly (Quaker) Meeting Program Committee invites you about the My Lai Peace Garden, a project of Madison Quaker Inc., on Tuesday, November 27. There will be a simple meal of soup and salad, followed by a slide show and discussion. The event is free -- donations gratefully accepted.
Tuesday, November 27
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72,
and hosted by Multnomah Monthly (Quaker) Meeting Program Committee
Multnomah Meeting House, 4312 S.E. Stark, Portland, Oregon
6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Free! Donations gratefully accepted.
Soup and salad will be provided, followed by a slide show and discussion.

You are invited to hear Mike Boehm tell about Friends' (Quaker) work in My Lai and more than twenty other villages in Quang Ngai Province of Vietnam, helping to rebuilt communities and sow the seeds of peace and friendship. Mike, an American Vietnam veteran, and Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Vietnamese veteran, joined together with Madison Monthly (Quaker) Meeting to build a My Lai Peace Park and to establish a micro-credit loan program. Madison Quaker Inc. (MQI), now a separate nonprofit, continues to work with Vietnamese organizations to build compassion houses, primary schools, wells and other projects.

For more information, please see the website at: